Marking your fabric to cut duplicate blocks – no pattern required

Yesterday I showed the process to make what is basically an improv tree block. Today’s block resembles yesterday’s block. The difference is, that today’s block is made in a way that’s easily duplicated.

I also quickly wrote about the SCHMETZ #1739 Quilting Needles Carded – Assorted Sizes and the SCHMETZ #1856 Piecing and Quilting Needles Pack Carded – Assorted. Now, for the sewists out there who only use the one thread brand and weight, yes there are SCHMETZ needles you can purchase that are all the same size such as the SCHMETZ #1709 Universal Needles Carded – 80/12. These single-size packs are available in many other sizes.

SCHMETZ needles

I’m using the same tools I used yesterday.

·         OLFA Splash Handle Rotary Cutter 45mm – Navy Blue

·         OLFA 6″ x 12″ Frosted Acrylic Ruler

·         Heirloom Double Sided Cutting Mat – 24″ x 36″ (61 x 91.4cm)

·         Oliso M2Pro Mini Project Iron with Solemate – Orchid

·         UNIQUE Quilting Wool Pressing Mat – 14″ x 14″

Tools needed for today’s block

Today’s method of making a tree block is very similar to what we did yesterday. The difference is, with this technique you can make multiple trees that are all the same.

To get identical blocks, you need to place little marks on the fabric to indicate where to put the ruler.

On the top of a 10” x 10” square piece of fabric, I place 2 little marks, each at 4” from the edges.

Place a mark equidistantly from each edge but close to the center.

On the bottom of the 10” x 10” square, I place two more marks, this time 1½” from each edge.

Place a mark equidistantly from each edge but close to the outer edges.

Layer two different colored fabric squares.

Place the OLFA 6″ x 12″ Ruler from the lower left mark to the upper right mark. Then cut two layers of fabric like I showed you yesterday.

Place the ruler from one mark to another.

After you cut the fabrics, don’t move the fabrics. Place the ruler from the bottom right mark to the mark on the upper left.

Place the ruler from the bottom right mark to the upper left mark.

Make a small mark where the ruler intersects with the cut line.

Gently separate the cut pieces from each other while ensuring the ruler is still on the bottom right marks and the new mark, then cut.

Make a second cut.

The process to sew the block together is the same as it was yesterday.

This is not a difficult block to make. If the desired effect is to get all identical blocks for your quilt, then today’s method is the one you should use. Yesterday’s block was more improv, so all blocks have different shaped trees.

As I mentioned earlier, if you prefer to use only SCHMETZ needle packs with one-size needles only, such as SCHMETZ #1709 Universal Needles Carded – 80/12, you can.

SCHMETZ needles 80/12

Come back tomorrow as I demonstrate a third way to make a tree block, this time using fabric strips.

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