Maximize your workspace with the PFAFF passport™ Extension Table

I’m back with more exciting sewing adventures to share! In our previous blog post, I explored the very useful features and highlighted 4 must-have accessories of the PFAFF passport 2.0 sewing machine. Today, get ready to enjoy a more comfortable sewing experience with one of our must-have accessories – the passport™ Extension Table with Bag. If you’ve ever struggled with limited space while working on larger projects, this extension table is about to become your new best friend! It provides ample support for larger projects while maintaining portability.

The PFAFF Passport Extension Table provides ample support for larger projects while maintaining portability.

Say Goodbye to Limited Space

Ever found yourself wrestling with bulky quilts or home decor projects? With the PFAFF Passport Extension Table, those days are over! This accessory provides a spacious and sturdy surface, giving you the freedom to tackle even the biggest sewing projects with ease.

The PFAFF Passport Extension Table is built with adjustable legs that provide stability and support, converting the free arm to an extended flatbed measuring 11” x 18”. This means you can easily handle even the most massive projects, like quilts and home decor, with confidence! The added space allows you to spread out your materials, helping you maintain precision and accuracy in your work. Quilting intricate patterns and sewing large garments becomes a breeze, thanks to this versatile accessory.

It also features a printed ruler with both centimetres and inches, allowing you to access the necessary measurements effortlessly. Say goodbye to the constant need for rulers and measuring tapes – this extension table has it all in one convenient place!

Portability on the go!

Portability On-the-Go

Another thing I love about this extension table is that it comes with a super handy bag that can be attached to the back of the machine cover, making it incredibly easy to carry around. Whether you’re attending sewing classes, joining sewing retreats, or just sewing at a friend’s place, you can take this extension table wherever your creativity takes you!

Not only does the passport™ Extension Table with Bag enhance your sewing experience, but it also seamlessly complements your PFAFF passport 2.0 sewing machine. Together, they form a dynamic duo that’s ready to tackle any sewing project that comes your way! Join me tomorrow for more optional accessories.

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