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Modern shoofly block assembly with Banyan Batiks Mod Graphics

In yesterday’s post, I gave you the cutting instructions for the Mid Mod Quilt Block. Today I’ll show you how to create the modern shoofly block with Banyan Batiks Mod Graphics!

For each block you’ll use the following:

black fabric

(6) 4½” squares

(2) 4½” x 6½” rectangles

Banyan Batiks Mod Graphics fabrics

(2) 4½” squares

(2) 2½” squares

(1) 4½” x 6½” rectangle


Following the image below, take (2) 4½” squares of black fabric

Next on (2) 2½” squares of Banyan Batiks Mod Graphics fabric, draw a diagonal line on one side

Place 2½” Banyan Batiks Mod Graphics fabrics squares on the corner of the 4½” black squares as shown.

Sew on diagonal line.

Trim excess.

Press open.


Showing where to draw your pencil lines and sew to get the four half square triangles you will need for this block!


Following the image below again, take (2) 4½” squares of black fabric.

Next on (2) 4½” squares of Banyan Batiks Mod Graphics fabric, draw a diagonal line on one side.

Take (1) 4½” square of black fabric and (1) 4½” square of Mod Graphics fabric and sandwich together.

Sew on diagonal line.

Trim excess.

Press open.


Showing where you cut away the excess fabric and the direction to press to achieve your quilt block units.


Assemble all the parts and sew together into a block.

Make sure you orient each of the blocks in the same manner if you want them to be in the same direction on the quilt!


A completed mid mod shoofly quilt block looking fantastic in Banyan Batiks Mod Graphics!


Create 8 pieced blocks and arrange them with the 8 plain batik blocks to compose your quilt top.

Tomorrow we sew together our Banyan Batiks Mod Graphics blocks into a quilt top… I think that’s enough for today!


This is part 3 of 5 in this series.
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Tania has been a quilty creator for over 20 years. She loves to make quirky quilts ranging from a bowl of ramen to a Christmas turkey or a fruitcake. She has not yet found a subject that she wouldn't like to see rendered as a quilt. Her current focus is on food quilts and her work has been featured in magazines such as Cottage Life, Make Modern, Gastro Obscura and SBS (a food network in Australia). Her creative interests also include illustration, painting, and crocheting. There is nothing she likes better than to try something new. Tania believes curiosity in all things is key to a creative life.

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