Piecing and quilting the batik boho inspired quilted cushion cover

Today’s the day the fabrics start to bloom into the pieced design on the quilted cushion cover. In yesterday’s post we put together the two different blocks that make the design. The Banyan Batiks iKat Sketch fabric will be arriving in local quilt shops this month. There are several beautiful options to consider and possibly more than one cushion to make with them!

This cushion is close to complete; it’s simply a matter of putting the blocks together and adding some quilting to the cushion front.

Overhead view of quilting cushion cover front.

Assemble Block Rows

1. Using the photo below for unit orientation, make the top row by sewing together one corner unit, one middle unit, and another corner unit. Press both of the seams to the left.

Layout to assemble top row of cushion front.

2. Assemble the middle row by sewing together one middle unit to each side of the Fabric AE square in a square unit. Press both of the seams to the right.

Layout to assemble middle row of cushion front

To help line up the pieces in this row I use a tip I learned from Bonnie Hunter; using one pin locate the points of both pieces, then use a second pin to pin the units together. Remove the locating pin and keep pinning the units together. Try it – once you do you might add it to your tips too!

Lining up points for accurate piecing.

3. Assemble the bottom row by sewing to each side of the remaining middle unit one corner unit. Press both the seams to the left.

Layout to assemble bottom row of cushion front.

4. Sew the top row to the middle unit, pressing the seam to the middle unit.
5. Sew the bottom row to the previously joined rows; press the seam to the middle unit.

The completed block should measure 20½” square.

Quilt the cushion Front

1. Layer the cushion front backing right side down on a flat pinning surface.
2. Place the batting on top.
3. Place the assembled block on top right side UP.
4. Pin the layers together; I placed pins inside of the bolder color areas as I plan to quilt on each side of the seam allowances. I also place pins along the edge of the sandwich to keep the layers a flat as possible to avoid creases and bumps in my quilting.

Cushion front sandwiched and pinned for quilting.

5. Use a contrasting thread to quilt  ¼” away from the features you want to stand out in your cushion.

Quilting ¼” away from seam around darker fabrics.

You can see I went around the square in a square middles, around the center star and around the flying geese. I did stitch along the seam of the outer Fabric E strips and then inside the seam to help give some body to the cushion edge.

Closeup of quilting around pieced design

6. Trim the quilted cushion front to 20½” square; the first edge you trim try not to cut away any of the pieced front. Line up the cut edge with your cutting mat to cut the next edge straight with your ruler. Once you’ve gone all the way around, confirm the top is trimmed to the correct size.

The batik boho inspired cushion front is now quilted and ready to become a cushion! Playing with Banyan Batiks: iKat Sketch, Shibori, Ketan, is sew much fun! How’s your cushion top coming along?

This is part 4 of 5 in this series.
Go back to part 3: 2 quilt blocks that make the batik boho cushion cover sensational

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Joanne Fontaine April 5, 2018 - 12:41 pm
Thanks for the "tip" to pin points together, then pin units together. I'll try it !
Sarah Vanderburgh April 5, 2018 - 4:21 pm
Your welcome, Joanne! I learned it from Bonnie Hunter - it's really useful :)
Sandy Allen April 5, 2018 - 7:41 am
Love how the ring of blue makes the center star stand out!
Sarah Vanderburgh April 5, 2018 - 9:37 am
Thanks, Sandy! The blue fabric is from the Shibori line and really sets off the Ikat Sketch prints :)
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