Piecing O blocks for quilted game using trendy Banyan Batiks, Recess

Are we having fun yet? In yesterday’s post, we made pieced X blocks for our quilted game. Today we’ll use two different fat quarters from the Recess fabric line to make pieced O blocks. The fabric is coming to quilt stores this month so there’s no excuse for you not to play along and create with me! Let’s go!

Pieced and quilted O blocks

Make O blocks

To make one O block you’ll need:

from O fabric

  • 2 – 1½″ x 5½″ strips
  • 2 – 1½″ x 3½″ strips
  • 4 – 1½″ squares

from O background fabric

  • 1 – 3½″ square
  • 4 – 1½″ squares

Make middle unit

1. Place one symbol fabric O square right side down on corner.
2. Sew diagonally through middle of square parallel to corner – see photo.
3. Repeat on opposite corner.


Opposite corner squares sewn onto middle unit square

4. Cut corners leaving seam allowance. Press the seams to the added squares.

Corner squares trimmed and pressed.

3. Repeat on remaining 2 corners. Unit should measure 3½″ square.

Four corner triangles added

Make top and bottom units

1. Place one background fabric square right side down on one end of a Fabric O 1½ x 5½″ strip.
2. Sew diagonally parallel to the corner. See photo.
3. Repeat on opposite end of the strip with second background fabric square, with the diagonal again parallel to the corner.
4. Cut corners off leaving seam allowances. Press the seams to the added squares.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 on the remaining 1½ x 5½ strips.

Steps to make top and bottom rows of pieced O blocks.

Assemble middle row

1. Sew long edge of 1½″ x 3½″ strip to one side of the 3½″ square unit; press the seam to the strip.
2. Sew remaining 1½″ x 3½″ strip to the opposite side of the 3½″ square unit; press the seam to the strip.

Layout for middle row assembly of pieced O block

Assemble O block

3. Sew one 1½″ x 5½″ strip unit to the top and one to the bottom of the unit made in step 2; press the seams to the added strips.

The block should measure 5½″ square.

Layout of three rows to make pieced O block

Repeat to make 4 more pieced O blocks.

Five completed pieced O blocks.

Now the Os are almost ready to play with the Xs – both still need to be quilted into game pieces. But that will happen! I really like how the flying paper planes get some special attention in the middle of the pieced O blocks. The Recess fabric line has been nothing but fun to design with and create this quilted game. Tomorrow we make the game board!

This is part 3 of 5 in this series.
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