Putting it all together – our SCHMETZ twin needle does it again

Yesterday we used twin needle free motion quilting to finish decorating the outside cover of our pretty and practical sewing machine needle organizer.

Today we’ll assemble the completed project using our SCHMETZ twin needles and UNIQUE double fold bias tape.

The inside pockets ready to hold SCHMETZ needles and more.

The inside pocket section from part 2 is already complete and trimmed to size.

Trim your twin needle quilted outside cover to the same size as the inside pocket section.

Use the horizontal row of decorative stitching to guide you.

Trim to the same size as your inside pocket piece

Prepare your machine by attaching your walking foot and SCHMETZ 2.5/80 universal twin  needle.

You’ll be going through many layers so you could also use a SCHMETZ 4.0/100 Denim twin needle.

Prepare your machine with a walking foot and SCHMETZ twin needle

A note about double fold bias tape

Double fold referrers to the fact that the raw edges are folded in towards the lengthwise center. The bias is then folded again in half. This way there are no raw edges to contend with and the bias will be very durable.

For this project I chose to use the premade bias tape from UNIQUE. I love the quality, convenience, durability and wide range of color choices that this product gives me!

You may notice that the package information lists this as extra wide double fold bias tape.

This tape is ⅝” wide when folded and the starting strip is 2¼”.

Other types of double fold bias such as blanket bias can also be listed as extra wide but be up to 2″ wide. I listed you double fold bias in the supply list as a narrow and medium width to avoid confusion between types and brands.

UNIQUE double fold bias tape used to finish the edges

To the finish line

Cut 2 pieces of UNIQUE double fold bias tape a little longer than the sides of your organizer.

Pin or clamp the inside and outside sections together so that all four raw edges are even.and the wrong sides are together.

Be careful if using pins that they only go through the outside edges where there’s no plastic.

The free motion quilted portion of the outside should be towards the top. Be sure that your inside pockets also face towards the top!

Wrap the UNIQUE double fold bias tape around one short side. The center fold of the bias should snuggle against the raw edges of your needle organizer.

Using your SCHMETZ twin needle stitch  close to the edge of the bias so as to catch both the inside and outside edge.

I used my SCHMETZ Universal 2.5/80. If you find this too narrow then switch to a SCHMETZ Universal 4.0/80 or even a Denim 4.0/100.

A 2.5/80 SCHMETZ Universal twin needle

Trim the bias even with the top and bottom edges.

Repeat for the opposite side.

Sew the wide UNIQUE double fold binding in place on the short sides

Cut 2 pieces of UNIQUE double fold bias tape about 2″ longer than the top and bottom of your organizer.

Fold in the short raw edges to fit and press.

Wrap the bias tape around one long side and stitch in place as before.

Pay close attention to the short folded in edges of the double fold bias to be sure that your corners turn out nice and square.

Repeat for the opposite side.

The UNIQUE double fold bias tape finishes the edge and holds the organizer together

For a final finishing touch we can add a decorative closure to our organizer

Decorative pins are a quick, no sew way to secure your organizer.

Simply pin two pins close to the edge in the same position on the front and back.

Use the back pin to secure the decorative cord. Bring the cord to the front and tie or pin in place.

Decorative pins and cords can be used to hold the organizer closed

I chose to sew fancy buttons on the front and back of my piece.

The decorative cord is simply wrapped around the button on the back then tied in a bow around the front button.

Fancy buttons front and back are tied closed with a decorative cordFancy buttons front and back are tied closed with a decorative cord

I hope you have enjoyed the last five days as much as I have.

Our sewing machine needle organizer made entirely with SCHMETZ twin needles is now complete.

Did you ever dream that twin needles could be so versatile?

This is part 5 of 5 in this series.
Go back to part 4: Twin needle free motion quilting adds gourmet detail

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