Putting it all together with the Brother Innov-ís BQ3050

Yesterday, I showed you how I used my Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 to sew scrappy strips into strip sets. Today we’ll put them together to make this quilt top.

Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine

Once your strip sets are finished, it’s time to sew sashing strips between them.

Cut the sashing strips 1″ wide. If necessary, you can sew strips together to get the right length. Remember, we’re using up scraps! It doesn’t matter if all the strip sets aren’t the same size. They’ll be trimmed later.

Sew 1″ sashing strips to the strip sets.

Arrange sashing strips between the strip sets

Sashing strips are ready to sew to the strip sets

I made three rows of strip sets. Each row measured about 13″ x 30″, but yours can be any size you like.

Three rows of strip sets ready for trimming

I love the way the Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 sewing and quilting machine, with its automatic fabric sensor system, allows you to sew over all these seams so easily. Make sure you have The Automatic Fabric Sensor key in the ON position!

Automatic fabric sensor key should be turned on!

Now it’s time to square up the strip sets at the top and bottom, then trim the rows so they’re all the same width. Each row can be a different height if you wish.

Square–up the strip sets

Sew 1″ sashing strips between the rows. Handle these narrow strips carefully so they don’t stretch!

Sew 1″ sashing strips between the rows.

Sew 1″ strips around the outside edges. You’re almost finished!

I auditioned fabrics for the borders and narrowed it down to two different black and white fabrics. I finally chose the striped fabric. I also tried some binding ideas using even more of my red, blue and green scraps.

Auditioning border and binding fabrics

Press your quilt top carefully and make sure it’s squared up. Measure the sides and cut the borders to those sizes.

Sew on the borders and you’re all ready for quilting.

Sew on the borders.

The Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine will do a great job of quilting, because you’ll be able to use the MuVit Digital Dual Feed walking foot. There are five different feet for the dual feed foot, including a Stitch-in-the-Ditch foot which is really useful for this type of quilting. And of course, I love that wide 5” x 11.25” workspace on the machine when quilting!

MuVit digital dual feed foot

Five different feet come with the walking foot.

I also appreciate the bright LED lighting on my Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine when working with these narrow strips. It makes sewing so much more enjoyable.

Bright LED lighting on the Brother Innov-ís BQ3050

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how to create new fabric from scraps using my Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine and fabric markers from the Mont Marte Signature Fabric Art Set.

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