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Quilting for baby – Tummy Time Mat

by Carla A. Canonico

Yesterday I posted the instructions for the Coral and Blue wallhanging, a very cool design by Linda Turner Griepentrog, a regular contributor at Coats & Clark. This project highlights the very versatile Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP® All-purpose Thread.

Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP® All-purpose Thread is 100% polyester thread useful for hand sewing and machine sewing. Use hand needles 7, 8 and machine needles 11, 14 for best results.

Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread – Strong and smooth medium weight thread perfect for hand and machine sewing on all fabrics

Today’s project, also designed by Linda Turner Griepentrog, uses sewing and quilting and can be completed in a weekend, but you know, there’s no rush.

Linda says, “Every baby needs some tummy time. This padded mat makes a safe place to put them down for tummy exercise. It’s convenient size makes it easy to take when visiting.”

How very adorable! The mat as well!

skill level Intermediate

finished measurements 36” x 36” [91.44 x 91.44cm]


  • Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP® All-purpose Thread
  • 1⁄4  yd each of 8 assorted fabric prints for mat
  • 1⁄4  yd each of 4 different coordinating solid colors for prairie point border
  • 1 yd backing fabric
  • triangle template
  • template plastic


Trace the triangle onto template plastic and cut out.


WOF = Width of Fabric

Fromeach14 yd fabric print, cut:

(1) strip, 6½” x WOF; alternating directions, sub-cut (10) triangles across the fabric width

From each 1⁄4 yd solid fabric, cut:

(8) squares, 5”

From backing fabric, cut:

(1) circle, 32” diameter

Note: Seamallowancesare14

assemble the mat top

  1. Randomly lay out six rows of twelve triangles each, alternating direction.
  2. Matching the seam allowances (not the cut ends), sew the triangles together in each row. Note that you will have some triangles leftover for another project.
  3. Offset the adjacent rows, matching the point of one triangle to the center of the base of the adjacent triangle. Sew the rows together in order. Press all seams in one direction.
  4. Layer the batting and pieced triangle top wrong sides together. Quilt as desired.
  5. Cut a 32” diameter circle from the quilted top.

assemble the prairie point border

  1. Press each solid square in half. Fold the short ends to meet the lower cut edges, forming a folded point at the top center edge. Press firmly.
  2. Continue folding and pressing all the 5” squares into prairie points.
  3. With the folds and triangular points facing the right side of the mat, pin the prairie points evenly around the mat perimeter matching the cut edges and overlapping as needed to fit. You may have extra prairie points, depending on your overlap distance. Baste in place.
  4. Double check all the prairie points to be sure none got tucks or shifted during basting.

assemble the mat

  1. With right sides together, place the backing fabric onto the quilted mat top, matching cut edges.
  2. Sew around the mat perimeter, leaving a 5” opening.
  3. Turn the mat right side out through the opening, pulling out the prairie points evenly, and press flat.
  4. Hand-stitch the opening closed.

Click to download PDF – Tummy Time Mat Template

The front of the Tummy Time Mat

Join me tomorrow for another quilted project by the creative team at Coats & Clark using the versatile Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread.

The back of the Tummy Time Mat

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Mary Fisher-Smith June 4, 2020 - 8:54 pm

Cute project – love the colours!

Nancy D August 27, 2019 - 6:29 pm

So glad I found this. This is perfect for a much needed baby gift.

Anna brown July 18, 2019 - 12:19 am

Omg this is so cute…rytyty for sharing your idea….


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