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Quilted Postcards, The Card is in the Mail

Quilted Postcards, The Card is in the Mail

Quilted Postcards, The Card is in the Mail

I signed up to be part of a quilted postcards exchange. While I made good efforts during the past year to get the post cards done ON TIME, as the deadline crept closer – I was still only half done the post cards. However I’m happy to report that I sat down the other night and got all twelve postcards done! I just need to get them addressed and put in the mail (or make arrangements to hand deliver) One set of six postcards here’s a close up so you can actually see that it is a quilt on a clothes line. And those silly girls in embroidery were checking to see if my binding was on right! Very simple, but adorable! Here’s the second set of six. I used burlap for the backing and free motioned silk leaves. Again, very simple, but pretty neat.

Elaine Theriault is a teacher, writer and pattern designer who is completely obsessed with quilting. Elaine’s Tech Tips column (originally published in A Needle Pulling Thread magazine) is now available online in e-book format at When not quilting, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Lexi and Murphy, or can be found cycling across the country. Her blog is

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