Sewing Patterns Free: A Quilt Becomes a Storage Bag

Yesterday, we made a 36 inch square quilt and quilted the whole square quilt sandwich with simple straight lines. Today, I’ll show you how a quilt becomes a storage bag.

  1. Cut four binding strips, 2 inches by 42 inches. Bind the edges. Press the edges.
  2. Lay the quilt in a diamond shape, lining side up. Pick up the corner closest to you, and then the corner to your right.
  3. Clip together, using quilt clips. Add the corner to your left. Clip to the center point. Clip along the bottom. You should now have a triangular bag bottom.
  4. Clip the remaining center front, up to the 20 inch mark.
  5. Use strong thread to sew the seams together using small slip stitches.

Folded, clipped and ready to be stitched up. This big storage bag is taking shape.

Slip stitch the edges closed.

  1. Cut two pieces of quilt weight fabric, 2 inches by 15 inches.
  2. Cut Stitch-N-Steam to match.
  3. With right sides facing outward and Stitch-N-Steam in the middle, sew a line of stitches close together.
  4. Zigzag the raw edges. Steam the piece of fabric. It will scrunch into a textured hanging strap.
  5. Fold in half and sew to the top of the quilted triangle bag. Sew a button over the stitching.

Stitch it and then steam it…instant texture fun!

Textured hanging loop is reinforced on the bag corner with a decorative button.

Decorate the storage bag opening with fun buttons like these monsters.

Sew decorative buttons to the front of the big storage bag, starting at the center front opening.

This bag can be hung up using a temporary hook on the wall, and over the door hook, or even on a coat hanger. It can be used to store just about anything — even the laundry that is sure to come home at some point.

This is a great project for old quilts hanging around that you want to ‘recycle’. Trim the quilt to the size specified at the beginning and complete the instructions in today’s ‘free sewing patterns: a quilt becomes a storage bag’.

Hang it up and enjoy the big storage bag!

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