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Stippling Stitches on the performance icon add whimsy to a baby quilt

Stippling Stitches on the performance icon add whimsy to a baby quilt

by Sarah Vanderburgh

This is the last day of the stitching adventure! In yesterday’s post I used Radiant Stitches to add to the modern baby quilt. The story continues today with more built-in stitches on the PFAFF performance icon. Today I need to finish all of the quilting and bind the quilt. Of course, I can have fun while I’m doing it!

PFAFF performance icon

Stippling stitches

I used several stippling stitches to add more adventurous details to this modern baby quilt. I didn’t want to do a lot of quilting because I like baby quilts to have some loft. I also didn’t use all of the stippling stitches – the quilt is starting to look busy as it is!

You can check out all of the stitches available on the PFAFF performance icon in the Stitch Guide document here.

I used the same stipple stitch (2.2.10) with a longer stitch length (80mm) in most of the triangles and where two rectangle units met. I also used thread that matched the fabric so it wouldn’t be a visual distraction.

I like to think I stitched river streams and walking paths, but maybe it’s just a curvy texture that the eye appreciates with all of the straight edges in the quilt.

Modern baby quilt

I did add a few shamrocks though 😉

Green stippling stitch


I used up the rest of the green and blue Fabric Creations 100% cotton fabric in the binding along with white. You need approximately 200″ of binding.

The quilt should trim square and be approximately 48″ square.

I cut the binding at 2¼” which is narrower than I usually do – I just wanted to make best use of my remaining fabric and I’m so glad I did! I really like how the binding turned out. I even changed the thread as I sewed to keep it hidden in the binding. 

Three fabrics used for binding

The modern baby quilt was an enjoyable stitching adventure for me. I was so happy the radiant stitches were all I hoped they would be. The PFAFF performance icon continues to take me on many happy quilting trails. Thanks for following along!

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