truecut system

Square Peg – Round Hole quilt and the TrueCut System

Happy weekend! I’m writing this brief note to introduce to you our next week’s posts by one of our very exciting writers, Paul Leger. If you’re a QUILTsocial follower, you probably already know, Paul is a gifted quilt teacher with a strong enthusiasm for organizing quilt retreats of all kinds.…

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1 way to make a diagonal stripes quilt top

Welcome back, I hope you had a nice week and that you got some quilting done! Mom and I got busy piecing the back of the I Love to Knit quilt. I prefer piecing the back of the quilt, making a different pattern altogether from the quilt top. This way…

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When to keep quilt blocks large

Last week on Sunday QUILTing, I showed you a few of my favorite fabrics I’ve been drooling over for a few years and I also showed you the fabric for the first quilt mom and I are going to make. The thing is, it’s been difficult to cut this fabric…

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