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The Case of the Sunglasses Continues …

by Nancy Devine

… And the case of the sunglasses continues… We last left this project after completing two rectangular pouches. Let’s get it together, people!

  • Let’s make the closing strap first. Fold the fabric for the closure in half, lengthwise, and use a finger pressing tool to make a sharp crease in the center – the Heirloom Finger Presser works perfectly!
  • Fold one long edge inward to meet the center mark, and repeat for the other side. Finger press both those creases.
  • Now fold the strap piece in the middle. See, all the raw edges are folded away.
  • Unfold the strap piece and place the batting in the center, so that it’s more or less even with the crease you made in the first fold.

Make the closing strap using a finger pressing tool.

  • Fold the strap up again as before. Pin the strap piece together and sew up the long edges on each side. There will be some batting hanging over each short edge. Trim this away and zigzag the raw short edges. They aren’t too pretty just now, but don’t fret, we are going to cover them up in a minute.

Trim off the batting at the short end of the strap piece.

  • Clip the lower corners of the outer fabric and lining of the case. Turn the outer fabric case right side out. Press the corners out with the end of a pencil or a point turner. Press the case so that seams are flat.
  • Pin the strap to the upper edge of one side of the case, so that it’s hanging downward. Leave about ½ inch of the strap beyond the upper edge of the case. Pin and sew very close to the edge to baste the strap and ensure it stays straight during the lining process.

Sew the strap very close to the top, with about 1/2 inch beyond the top of the case.

  • Don’t turn the lining piece. Tuck the outer case into the lining. This might be a bit tricky, but use the gap in the lining to grasp the case and pull it downward.
  • On the upper edge, match the side seams and pin. Pin the upper edge all around.
  • If you can, set up your machine for free arm sewing. It’s much easier to sew the upper edge of the lining to the upper edge of the case in this configuration.
  • Pull the outer case through the gap in the lining. Turn under the lining gap and sew it closed.

Sew the lining gap closed before pushing it into the case.

  • Push the lining into the case. The strap should be in place, and caught in the space between the lining and the case. Even up the lining with the outer case. Do your best to keep the lining inside the case. Press with steam. Pin the upper edge again and top stitch the upper edge.
  • Move the strap into the closed position and press the whole case.

It’s looking good, right?

Tomorrow, we close the case – quite literally – just in time for a weekend in the sun.

Pressed and ready for finishing — tomorrow.


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