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The Double T block makes this Halloween table runner a real treat

by Sarah Vanderburgh

It’s never too early or late to quilt for an upcoming holiday. This week I decided to focus on piecing a table runner for Halloween with the PFAFF performance icon. While it’s not the first one I made, I did discover some tricks using the performance icon this time that I thought I’d share. Of course, the ‘treat’ was getting to create using this amazing machine again.

PFAFF performance icon extension table sewing machine

PFAFF performance icon with extension table

Bobbin trick

One of the features that I enjoy on the performance icon is the bobbin winding setup; having it on top of the machine makes it easy and accessible. 

PFAFF performance icon bobbin winding

Bobbin winding on top of the PFAFF performance icon

While getting ready for this project and winding my bobbin, I discovered that the bobbin can only be put on the little spindle one way. This means it’s impossible to wind the bobbin incorrectly and the thread flows effortlessly off of it from the bobbin case.

A blue bobbin winding on the PFAFF performance icon

One way up for the bobbin

Needle trick

The second trick I discovered while sewing with the performance icon this time around concerns the needle. I usually activate the Needle Up/Down icon to have the needle stay in the down position whenever I stop sewing. I love using it as a third hand when piecing to help me keep the fabrics lined up. With this icon engaged, the presser foot also lifts up off the fabric to let you pivot the fabric with the needle down. I discovered that when the icon is not engaged and you leave the needle down, the foot still lifts! So much better than having to manually lift the foot to pivot.

Presser foot lifted off fabric with needle down

Presser foot lifted off fabric with needle down

Double T runner

The tricks turn into treats as we get ready to sew and quilt a table runner with the performance icon. I chose the traditional double T patchwork block as a nod to Trick or Treat. This version of the block changes the fabric placement to make the center look like a piece of wrapped candy.

Double T Halloween table runner with candy spread out on top of it

Wrapped candy on the Double T runner

There is one trick to the fabric selection for this runner. To emphasize the ‘T’ in the blocks it’s important that there is strong contrast between the background, the T fabrics and the center or candy fabric. I selected modern prints for my T fabrics and tone-on-tone fabrics that are lighter for the candy fabrics and black for the background fabric.

Double T runner fabrics medium prints, light and dark fabrics

Fabric selection for the Double T runner


finished size 15″ x 45″


  • background – ½ yd
  • double ‘T’ fabric orange – ½ yd
  • candy fabric orange – ¼ yd
  • double T fabric blue – ½ yd
  • candy fabric blue – ¼ yd
  • backing fabric – 17½” x 48″



  • for piecing and quilting (I used light blue and black for quilting)

cutting instructions


  • 140″ of 2½” strips for binding
  • 3 – 6¼” squares  
  • 6 – 6″ squares

Double T fabric orange print

  • 4 – 6″ squares
  • 20 – 3⅜” squares

Candy fabric light orange

  • 2 – 6¼” squares
  • 2 – 4″ squares

Double T fabric blueprint

  • 2 – 6″ squares
  • 8 – 3⅜” squares  
  • 4 – 3″ squares

Candy fabric light blue

  • 1 – 6¼” square
  • 1 – 5½” square

Getting all the fabrics cut today means we start piecing tomorrow. Tricks aside, the PFAFF performance icon will treat us to a great week!

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