The right scissors for every sewing task!

Hello again! Remember, before getting started today, make sure the Gütermann 50wt cotton threads and the Klassé Sharps Needles – Size 80/12 I spoke of in yesterday’s post are packed and ready to go to your next workshop or retreat. It would be a major disappointment to arrive at sewing event without these essential notions and realize you need them!

Gütermann 50wt cotton threads

In addition to packing your Gütermann threads, Klassé sewing machine needles, UNIQUE quilting Folding Cutting Mats, Komfort KUT rotary cutters and replacement blades, and Sew Easy Quilting Rulers so they’re ready to go on a sewing adventure, don’t forget to pack scissors! I seldom leave home without three or more pairs – I like to be ready for anything!

Although the INFINITI Embroidery Scissors – 4½″ (11.5cm) were designed for embroidery, I always have them next to the sewing machine to cut threads. Two other pairs of scissors I must have with me when I’m on retreat are the INFINITI Sewing Scissors – 6″ (15cm) for cutting fabrics while at the machine, and the INFINITI Tailor Scissors – 8¼″ (21cm) for when I need to cut larger fabric pieces – especially when there’s fabric stabilizer fused to the fabric. Believe me, they’ve all come in handy.

INFINITI embroidery, sewing and tailor scissors

Yesterday, I showed an easy way to convert a pinwheel quilt block to a lollipop quilt block. Today, I’ll show you how to make the ‘stick’ for the lollipop block.

For today’s part of this quilt project, I’ll use two fabrics selected from the Whimsicals collection by Michael Miller Fabrics:

  • Cute Critters – moon (DC9538)
  • Trio – toffee (DC9531)

From the Cute Critters fabric cut the following:

  • 4 – 4½” x 18″ strips
  • 6 – 2½” x 9½” strips

From the Trio fabric cut the following:

  • 2 – 1½” x 18″ strips

Sew a Cute Critters 4½” x 18″ strip to each side of the Trio 1½” x 18″ strips.

Sew a 4½” x 18″ strip to both sides of a 1½” x 18″ strip.

Sew the stick units to one side of each of the lollipop quilt blocks.

Two of four lollipop quilt blocks for the quilt.

Sew a lollipop unit onto each side of the two panel units created in Monday’s post.

Sew a lollipop block to each side of the two panel units.

Now we’ll create horizontal rows using the candy blocks. Each row will be made up of six candy blocks.
At this point, the panels with the lollipop quilt blocks attached should measure 58″ wide, unfinished. If the six candy blocks were simply sewn together at this point, they would measure just 54″ wide. We’ll need to make up for the 4″ missing from the candy blocks strip unit.

Fortunately, this is an easy fix. I’ll simply add two 2½” x 9½” filler pieces into each row of candy blocks. Now, I could add just one wide filler strip in the middle of the row, but I don’t think I’d like the way that would look. Back to Plan A – I’ll add one filler piece between candy blocks two and three and another between blocks four and five in each of the three rows of candy blocks. That will make up the missing four inches.

TIP! Before cutting and adding the filler strips, it is important to double-check the width of the panel section. If the panel section is wider or narrower, adjust the size of the filler strips to fit.

Add fabric filler strips to make a row of blocks wider.

Once the three candy block rows are sewn, stitch them to the panel sections.

Sew one candy block row to the top of one panel and another candy block row to the bottom of the same panel section. Sew the third candy block row to the top of the second panel section.

Join both panel sections together and the quilt top is almost complete!

Sew candy quilt block rows to the top and the bottom of the panels.

Today’s work is done!

At the beginning of this post, I wrote about the three pairs of scissors by INFINITY I like to always have on hand, especially when I’m away on a quilting retreat – the INFINITI Embroidery Scissors – 412″ (11.5cm) INFINITI Sewing Scissors – 6″ (15cm) and the INFINITI Tailor Scissors – 814″ (21cm).

There are two other types of scissors in my collection: I like to use the LDH One Piece Thread Snips when chain-piecing and there’s a lot of thread cutting to be done, and the LDH 9″ Pinking Shears.

Why pinking shears? Three reasons why I have pinking shears:

  • to cut along the fabric’s raw edge before washing to reduce fraying;
  • for when I’m brave enough to try sewing clothing; and
  • my mother told me I needed to have pinking shears.

LDH thread snips and LDH pinking shears

I’ll stop here for the day and rest. But have no fear! I’ll be back tomorrow to complete the quilt. I’ll show you how I attached a border to the quilt top, arranged to have it quilted, and finally, how I put a binding around its edges!

Until then, I know you’re just itching to order some scissors!

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