The wonders of painting on fabric using Mont Marte Fabric Paints

In yesterday’s post, I showed you great ways to use Mont Marte Fabric Paint Sticks as these are great with kids but today I also want to show you how to use the Mont Marte Fabric Paints for more creative ideas.

Use Mont Marte Fabric Paints for more creative ideas

It just so happens I’ve also received a Mont Marte Fabric Paint Set along with Mont Marte Gallery Series brushes, a Mont Marte round plastic palette to mix the paint, some Mont Marte foam rollers and a Studio Tidy Creative Tool Organizer to keep everything nice and neat… when I’m not painting that is. The Mont Marte Fabric Paints are perfect for all your DIY fashions and homeware projects. The eight bright, permanent colors can be mixed together for an endless palette.

The Mont Marte brushes feature gunmetal gray wooden handles and black ferrules

The 8 basic colors are: White, Black, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Red and Purple. But there are endless combinations. For example:

  • Mix white and black to make various shades of gray and mix them in the various colors to create tones. You can also use only the white to create tints or the black to create shades.
  • Mix the red with the yellow to create orange colors.
  • Mix the red with the blue to create some awesome violet colors.

But before I go along creating more great project ideas, here are a few tricks I’ve used in my previous posts this week.

Making chevron shape tote with Mont Marte Fabric Paint

If you remember Tuesday’s post I actually used these fabric paint bottles with a brush to add some of the colors in the chevron once my kids gave up on the project. It added more colors and textures and everyone loves the look.

This is the chevron pattern for the front of the tote. I used these fabric paint bottles with a brush to add some of the colors in the chevron.

Mont Marte Fabric Paint to make the geometric shape tote

Also in yesterday’s post, my son actually ran out of a few fabric paint sticks and had to use some of the Mont Marte fabric paint from the 20ml bottles. For this project, I simply placed a few drops of paint in an aluminum plate and dabbed with a foam brush then dabbed onto the geometric shapes area.

Filling in the geometric shapes with Mont Marte fabric paint

Using Mont Marte Fabric Paint with stencils for more creative ideas

I absolutely had to try making a project using stencils. This was a quick and easy way to really make a striking design on a tote bag. Here are the easy steps as I decided to use several colors:

Using Mont Marte Fabric Paints with stencils

  1. Position the stencil onto your fabric and add tape to cover any area you might have excess paint smudges. Note: My stencil is self-adhesive so I didn’t have to worry about taping all the way around.
  2. Using a brush or foam and using the first color, paint the area you want to cover with that color.
  3. Use a blow dryer to dry the paint on the fabric.
  4. Paint the next area you want using the second color.
  5. Use blow dryer to dry paint.
  6. Go over specific areas to slightly cover the first paint color with the second paint color.
  7. You can add more colors using the same techniques as mentioned above.

Close up of design once stencil removed

Once satisfied with the look, remove the stencil and let dry. You will need to heat set with an iron. And yes I have also thrown this design into the dryer on heat dry for 20 minutes.

Tote Bag with painted flower using a stencil

There are so many tools like brushes, foam rollers and stencils that can meet your creative ideas when using the Mont Marte Fabric Paints, they are wonderful to use! Even your quilting stencils can become a great painting design. Join me tomorrow for more creative fun!

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Christi April 1, 2020 - 10:55 pm
Instead of a stencil what about some old doilies or old lace tablecloth? Would that work? I have a bunch.
Claire Haillot April 2, 2020 - 5:17 pm
Hi Christi! If you have many, sure give it a try. But remember that the paint cleans off easily on hands and hard surfaces... it will NOT on fabric. Which means that your old lace tablecloths will also be colored permanently.
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