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This 1 easy step creates the fractured landscape within the quilt


Yesterday we made all our HST blocks and sewed them into vertical rows. Today we’re going to fracture them! Don’t you love the earthy look of Northcott Fabrics Naturescapes Collection?

First thing we need to do is cut 1½” strips from the black fabric. I used 8 for the vertical strips and 2 for the horizontal for the top and bottom.

Starting with the first vertical row, sew a border strip onto the left side of each vertical row. When you get to the last vertical row, sew a border strip on each long side of it.


Vertical rows of a quilt top with black sashing sewn to rows - Northocott Naturescapes fabrics
Quilt top with black sashing sewn to rows


Shift the vertical rows up and down until you find a pleasing arrangement. Or, maybe you just like them with the black strips all lined up. Sew them up in your favorite arrangement! You’re the boss of your own imagination!


Quilt block in rows shifted uneven to create a fractured look.
Shift the rows up and down to create a fractured look.


What I find helpful is to take a picture so when I’m pulling them down from my layout to sew, I have an image saved.

Taking two strips at a time, marking where you start sewing at the top, sew right sides together. Continue until all the strips are sewn together. Press.

Trim the top and bottom and add the remaining black strip onto top and bottom.

Quilt and bind. I did quilting in long even rows emphasizing the vertical part of the quilt. For the sky, I used white thread and for the remainder I used green thread, matching the stitching rows up as I went.

Enjoy your beautifully fractured landscape.


Straight stitching on light blue fabric, evenly spaced rows.
Straight stitching in even rows.


This quilt is perfect for a nature lover or those with camps or cottages or those who love greens and browns.


Finished blue and green and brown nature fabric pieced quilt on wall - Northcott's Naturescapes fabric collection
Finished fractured landscape quilt using Northcott’s Naturescapes fabric collection



This is part 5 of 5 in this series.
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I am a quilter who loves quilting outside the box especially when it comes to 3D and embellishments. My work has been published in books and magazines and I currently sit on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Quilters’ Association. When I am not in my studio, I am working as a Social Media Manager.


  1. Sheila Fernkopf

    Wow a simple way to make a stunning quilt. I could see this with flower fabric and mountain fabric added and my husband would love it too.

  2. Judys

    Such a simple thing, and yet it changes things up so much! Nice

  3. Lori

    This is simply stunning…Love it!!!

  4. Linda

    Thanks for a neat Giveaway!
    Love the colors!

  5. Nancy Giese

    I love the effect, esp with those Northcott fabrics. I’ll have to give this a try

  6. Darlene Owen

    Very pretty quilt.

  7. travelbuds

    This looks amazing

  8. I have a geologist friend who would think this was designed just for them. Cool quilt. Love the fabrics.

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