Time saving applique method using HeatnBond EZ-Print Lite

Yesterday we used a SCHMETZ twin needle to sew down the bias strips on our shamrock wallhanging. Over the past three days I’ve shown you how easy and quick it could be to make a shamrock stained glass quilt top using helpful tools such as HEATNBOND® Lite Iron-On Adhesive Sheets, the HEIRLOOM Bias Tape Maker – 6mm (¼”) and HEATNBOND®  Quilter’s Edge Iron-On Adhesive Tape – 6mm x 13.7m.

Today we’re going to use another great tool from HEATNBOND to do some fusible applique!

HEATNBOND® Lite Iron-On Adhesive Sheets, HEIRLOOM Bias Tape Maker and HEATNBOND® Quilter’s Edge Iron-On Adhesive Tape

In Monday’s post, I included a PDF document and asked you to print it out and trace it onto the adhesive sheet.

Drawing or tracing is a great way to prepare a piece that will be used in a mosaic or stained glass or for a machine applique project when you only have a few pieces to prepare. An alternative to drawing or tracing is to use HEATNBOND® EZ Print™ Lite Iron-On Adhesive 10 pcs – 22 x 28cm (8½” x 11″). These sheets are specially made for inkjet printers. It’s a great product to use when you need to make multiple copies of an applique piece or design.

HEATNBOND® EZ Print™ Lite inkjet printer sheets

For this project you’ll need:


  • 16” x 16” piece of fabric for the background
  • Multicolored fabric scraps for shamrocks
  • 1 package of HEATNBOND®  EZ-Print™ Lite Iron-On Adhesive 10 pcs – 22 x 28cm (8½” x 11″)
  • Shamrock PDF file (download below by clicking on the image)
 Here’s how to use EZ-Print™ Lite adhesive sheets:
  • Ensure when placing a sheet of EZ-Print™ adhesive into your printer that you insert it so that it will print on the paper side (please follow the printing directions included in the package). The printing results are as clear as on regular paper.

Shamrock PDF Printing multiple applique pieces on one sheet of HEATNBOND® EZ-Print™ Lite Iron-On adhesive

Fusing the adhesive to the fabrics

  • Once printed, cut the individual shamrocks from the printed sheet, leaving at least ¼” around each shape.
  • follow the temperature recommendations on the package to press the adhesive sheets, paper side up onto the wrong side of your selected fabrics.
  • Ensure that you press the adhesive sheet to the wrong side of the fabric for only a couple of seconds.
  • Carefully cut out the shamrock shapes following the lines.

I’m going to make this little shamrock project using an array of rainbow-colored fabrics.

Shamrock design fused onto colorful fabric pieces

The placement options for the shamrock pieces are limitless!  You could place them staggered, in a straight line, or in any other arrangement that appeals to you! I’ll make a circle with mine.

Once you’ve decided on a layout, remove the paper backing and fuse your applique pieces to the background fabric using a hot iron, applying heat for only one or 2 seconds.

Shamrock applique pieces fused to background fabric

After fusing the applique pieces to the background fabric, I’ll machine applique the pieces to the background using a double blind hem stitch.

Appliqueing a shamrock using a double blind hem stitch

Of course, you may use any stitch you choose to applique your shamrocks.

Once you’ve completed your machine appliqueing, you can then layer and quilt and finish the project. You can see how using the HEATNBOND®  EZ-Print™ Lite Iron-On Adhesive to do the applique makes this a super quick and fun project!

If you’ll be having a St. Patrick’s Day feast you could use this little quilt project as a table centerpiece!

Come back tomorrow to see how to do “hexagons” – “Paul” style!

This is part 4 of 5 in this series.
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I have tried Heat n Bond and love the results! I had no problems with this excellent product!
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I love this idea. I wish I would have thought of it when I made my girls' their curtains. I sewed hearts on and they came out a little shaky, but it is still pretty cute. Thanks for the tip!
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Thanks for all the great tutorials you post.
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