Top 5 features on the PFAFF quilt expression 720

The PFAFF quilt expression 720 is the perfect combination of reliable features I expect when using a PFAFF and its creative possibilities. These possibilities are made possible by the myriad of exclusive stitch techniques and programs that enables you to create the quilts you want – and quilt them too!

Welcome to an exciting week exploring the quilt expression 720! Here are my top 5 features to watch for on this machine.

PFAFF quilt expression 720

Color Touch Screen

The Color Touch Screen lets you see what your stitch will look like and gives you options for adjusting stitches. You can go through the menus of stitches and also see the creative options available on this machine; it has some of my favorite stitching options from the embroidery machines too.

You can create your own stitches using the signature Stitch Creator program, and use the 4 included fonts to stitch sequences of either words, symbols and/or image stitches. The machine is like a computer and the Color Touch Screen lets you access programs and create text and stitches. All of the popups that give you information, warnings and setting menus are visible on the Color Touch Screen too.

Color Touch Screen

Large Space to the Right of the Needle

I love this feature! It gives me one less excuse when procrastinating on quilting one of my many quilt tops.

With 10″ to the right of the needle, it’s easy to quilt anything from pillow cushions to full-size quilts. I also like to use the space to simply lay out pieces as I work on patchwork blocks.

Large, well lit space to the right of the needle.

Straight Stitch plate and sensor

The machine comes with two stitch plates, the standard one, and the Straight Stitch plate. I prefer the Straight Stitch plate when I’m piecing as I like how the small hole prevents the beginning of my patchwork pieces from being grabbed at the start of a stitching line.

The sensor is great too – the machine actually prevents you from choosing stitches that make the needle move sideways when the Straight Stitch plate is on. This helps prevent damage to the machine and makes sure you’re using the correct accessories for the job. In fact, certain stitch categories are not able to be selected when the straight stitch plate is on.

Straight stitch plate

Sew many stitches!

There are 428 stitches included on this machine! It’s great! I like having so many choices on a non-embroidery machine. The Color Touch Screen shows which presser foot to attach – the machine comes with 10 – and if the stitch requires use of stabilizer under your fabric. I’ve tried several stitches already and am looking forward to using more of them on my creations.

To view all of the stitches available on the PFAFF quilt expression 720, visit the company’s website and select the “stitches” tab at the bottom of the features page here.

IDT System

This is one of my favorite features of the PFAFF machines. The system is easy to connect to the presser feet that use it – it doesn’t work with the stitches that go sideways – and clicks into place. The system helps feed both fabrics evenly under the needle resulting in even, professional looking stitching. I even tried using it at a quicker pace than normal by using the machine’s start/stop stitching button and was pleased to see that the stitches still came through evenly.

IDT System engaged.

These are my top 5 favorite features on the PFAFF quilt expression 720, but certainly not all of them! This week I’ll keep sharing more about this machine, so be sure to come back.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

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Miriam Gogarty July 15, 2021 - 5:55 am
I love my pfaff 720.
P Fitzgerald January 9, 2021 - 10:00 am
Does the 720 have thread cutting feature?
Jere Hoy May 29, 2019 - 6:47 pm
can you do a side by side comparison of the pfaff creative 4.5 with the larger quilting option and the pfaff expression 720. We are ready to buy the 4.5 buy the 720 appears Interesting. I am primarily interested in edge to edge quilting. Thank you.
Sandy Allen February 25, 2019 - 7:26 am
Love my Pfaff machine, especially the IDT system. Will br e reading along to see what all this machine can do!
Sarah Vanderburgh February 25, 2019 - 4:37 pm
That's great, Sandy! The IDT system is one of my favorite PFAFF features. I hope you enjoy learning more about the quilt expression 720 this week.
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