Triangle corners are a great alternative to a hanging sleeve for quilts

The textured Festive Tree Wallhanging was so much fun to make yesterday that I think I’ll make a few more. But I need to finish this one first and today I’m going to add some embellishments and show you an alternative method to displaying the wallhanging.

Triangle corners are a great alternative to a hanging sleeve and don’t require any hand sewing.

The triangle corners are perfect for small pieces and so easy to make and add.

Triangle corners

Before you add the binding cut 2″ – 3½″ squares from the background fabric and fold with wrongs side together in half in the shape of a triangle.

Squares folded into triangles

Place the triangles in the top corners on the back of the quilt. They can be stitched in place an ⅛″ from the edge or glued. That liquid thread called Thread in a Bottle is the perfect glue for this job with just a thin line of glue around the 2 raw edges and the triangles are held in place.

Corner triangles glued in place

Oops, I also need to glue the triangle together otherwise it’s going to flop open.

Glue triangles together

Once the corner triangles are in place the binding can be added.

I then hand stitched the binding to the back before adding my embellishments.

Adding embellishments

A red fabric star to match the stitching around the tree pieces. I was going to use the Hi-tak glue but I found it too thin and went back to the No-Sew fabric glue as it didn’t soak into the star but rather sat on the surface of the fabric and stuck to the background.

Hi -Tak glue

Because I used a fabric with ribbon on it I didn’t want to take away from that fabric with lots of embellishments and chose simple colored beads in a variety of colors. With them being shiny they looked like Christmas tree balls. A little dab of glue where I wanted to place them and the bead was secured in place.

I waited several hours before moving the piece as I wanted to make sure that the glue under the beads was definitely dry so they wouldn’t fall off when I put the piece upright.

Beads in place and waiting for glue to dry

With the triangle corners I can hang the piece on a wall with a small piece of doweling placed under the triangle corners.

Doweling between corner triangles with which to hang quilt.

Or I can place a piece of stiff board such as a painter’s board under the triangles.

Stiff board slipped under corner triangles

And place on a small easel…

Small easel to display Festive Tree Wallhanging

This is a great alternative to displaying the piece if you are lacking wall space to hang it. And with it being small it looks great sitting on the easel, making it versatile to display anywhere it needs to be highlighted for the holiday season.

The Festive Tree Wallhanging

So a quick and easy wallhanging to make as a last minute gift and those triangle corners are a great alternative to a hanging sleeve.

Happy Holidays!

This is part 5 of 5 in this series.
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Sharon Aurora January 12, 2019 - 10:53 pm
Thank you for this tutorial. It's just what I needed right now.
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