TrueCut System has the tools you want for perfect quilt cuts every time!

Happy March 11th, more commonly called: Monday!

This week I’m excited to work on a quilt top design that I call: Square Peg – Round Hole. With a name like that, you’d be right in thinking we’ll be working with squares and circles.

To make this week’s quilt, I’ll use a variety of excellent tools from the TrueCut collection.

First off, let me introduce a little number called: TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter; specially designed to work beautifully with the suite of TrueCut rulers. For maximum versatility, My Perfect Rotary Cutter comes in 28mm, 45mm and 60mm sizes.

TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter

As I hinted above, TrueCut also makes rulers. A great design feature of the rulers is that they’re designed with a special edge. When a ruler is used with a TrueCut rotary cutter, you’re guaranteed to make beautiful, accurate fabric cuts. The rotary cutter won’t stray from the edge of the ruler.

TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter along with the TrueCut Ruler are a perfect match.

The result? You’ll no longer have wavy cuts!

A piece of fabric cut without using a TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter may cause a wave cut.

All of your cuts will be precise and perfect.

Using TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter together with a TrueCut Quilting ruler guarantees a clean cut!

To create this week’s quilt, I decided to use these TrueCut rulers:

6½” x 6½” [16.5 x 16.5cm]

12½” X 12½” [31.75 x 31.75cm]

6½” X 24½” [16.5 x 62.2cm]

To add an extra bit of fun, I’ll also use the TrueCut 360º Circle Cutter.

TrueCut 360º circle cutter

Along with the TrueCut rulers and cutters, here’s another must-have: TrueGrips Non-Slip Adhesive Rings

I started quilting over 30 years ago, and in that time I’ve noticed that rulers tend to slip and slide on fabrics when you’re trying to cut. I’ve tried a couple of tricks to stop the slip-sliding and TrueGrips have worked best for me.

TrueGrips Non-Slip Adhesive Rings

TrueGrips are easy to use; you simply peel and stick them to the underside of the ruler.

The TrueGrips rings adheres to rulers without glue.

adheres to rulers without glue.

They’re opaque and don’t interfere with cutting.

The adhesive rings are opaque allowing you to see the fabrics.

A single package contains 15 large and 15 small non-slip rings.

TIP! I love the small ones; they work great on smaller rulers and templates.

TrueGrips Non-Slip Adhesive Rings sheet

Now, without further ado, let’s get a quick look at our project of the week!

This week’s quilt will measure approximately 76” X 87” before it’s quilted. Below is a diagram of my initial vision for the quilt top. There will be full circles and full squares, but with all the great tools we’ll have at our disposal, some blocks will have half and quarter circles as well as half and quarter squares.

This week’s quilt layout

This week, there’ll be some new techniques introduced along with some handy tips. For instance, I’ll be showing you how to cut long fabric strips using the TrueCut 6½” X 24½” quilting ruler along with the My Perfect Rotary Cutter.

Now, better go rest up; tomorrow we gather and start cutting our fabrics!

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

Go to part 2: The trick to cutting long pieces of fabric is in the fold!

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