Unboxing the NEW Brother The Luminaire sewing and embroidery machine!

Who doesn’t enjoy trying out a new sewing machine? I was thrilled to learn that I was going to be testing the new Brother The Luminaire Innov-ís XP1 sewing and embroidery machine. It comes in a very large box, and there’s even a video to show you how to unpack it! Make sure to check it out.

The Brother The Luminaire Innov-ís XP1 has arrived!

The Brother The Luminaire is set up and ready to sew.

The Brother The Luminaire sewing and embroidery machine has so many wonderful features and I’ll show you as many as I can this month and next right here on QUILTsocial.

Here are just a few of the many attachments and tools that come with the machine.

Just a few of the many attachments that are included

Even more goodies to unpack!

There are 3 booklets that come with the machine– a Quick Reference Guide that shows you the basics so you can get started sewing right away, a list of all the included accessories and an accessories guide that lists optional accessories that you might like to purchase.

Most of the pictures of these accessories have a QR code (that’s the little box with the black, squiggly lines) beside the picture. You just scan the QR code and it takes you directly to the Brother website where you get all the information plus videos about each accessory.

There are many free QR scanners available in the App Store for your device. Just download one of them to your phone, iPad or tablet, and you’re ready to go!

Scan the QR code to learn all about this open toe foot.

The main manual for the Brother The Luminaire sewing and embroidery machine is available online as a PDF file.

You can also access the manual while you’re working at the machine by pressing the help screen icon and using the LCD display screen. There is a search option so you can look for a specific item. You can use your finger (just like on an iPad or phone) or the stylus on the LCD screen. You can also print all or part of the manual using the PDF file.

The stylus fits neatly on the side of the machine.

It was very easy to thread both the bobbin and the machine using the clear diagrams in the Quick Reference Guide as well as the diagrams right on the machine. The automatic needle threader works like a charm! The bobbin winding slider allows you to fill the bobbin to any of 5 different amounts of thread.

The bobbin winding slider lets you select how much thread to wind on the bobbin.

Of course I wanted to start using all the fancy stitches and unique features immediately, but I did force myself to go a step at a time and do the basic functions first.

For me, the most important thing when using a new machine is finding the perfect ¼” seam. To test my ¼” seam on the Brother Innov-is XP1, I moved the needle position to the center and attached the ¼” foot. I used the guide on the side of the foot for my ¼” seam. If you position your fabric at the edge of the foot, you’ll get an ⅛” seam.

¼” foot for the perfect ¼” seam!

My favorite method of testing the seam allowance is to cut 3 – 1½” x 4″ strips of fabric. Then I sew them together lengthwise and measure across the center. The measurement should be 3½”. If the measurement is more than 3½”, the seam allowance is too narrow. If the measurement is less than 3½”, the seam allowance is too wide. You may need to make adjustments either with the needle placement or the position of the fabric when sewing to achieve your perfect ¼” seam.

It’s well worth taking some extra time to find the exact ¼” seam for your machine because you’ll be able to use it for all of your quilting projects. With this machine, the ¼” seam allowance was perfect when using the ¼” foot!

Cut 3 – 1½” x 4″ strips of fabric.

Sew the 3 strips together.

The strips should measure 3½” across.

Now I’m ready to start my project and have fun with this new machine. So many interesting stitches and techniques to try! Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how to use some of the many decorative stitches on the Brother The Luminaire sewing and embroidery machine to create a quilt-as-you-go table runner.

Tomorrow’s project – a table runner with decorative stitching!

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

Go to part 2: StitchVision on The Luminaire for visible decorative stitch placement

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