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Using Coats & Clark outdoor thread for your patio decor


One of the newest trends in home décor is the decoration of outdoor space. Now you can personalize your outdoor living space with furniture and accessories that reflect your own style. Coats & Clark Outdoor thread is the ideal thread for sewing and repairing outdoor pillows, umbrellas and awnings. Created to resist almost every form of weather related abuse, including UV rays and moisture, this thread is a 100% continuous multi-filament polyester thread that comes in many different colors. You can have a look at all the colors on the Coats & Clark Sewing Secrets blog site.

The thread is quite heavy – the heaviest that can be used on a home sewing machine.

Here are some tips from the Coats and Clark Blog for using this thread:

1. Use a size 18 or 20 needle

2. Use a longer stitch length, 6-8 stitches per inch, or 4 mm. A thick thread needs more space to form a stitch

3. Increase top tension

4. Sew slowly. The thread is thick and less flexible than all-purpose thread. Stitch quality will be better if you slow down!

These care instructions for the thread come from the Coats and Clark website:

Wash in warm water
Bleach not recommended
Tumble dry, low
Iron, low heat
Professional dry-cleaning recommended

It’s always a good idea to sew a few swatch samples to adjust the tension and stitch length for your machine. You should also try pressing these swatch samples to find out the best setting for your iron and fabrics.

There are many weather-resistant fabrics available now. The care of these fabrics is usually indicated on the bolt, so be sure to make note of it when buying your fabrics. It will probably be very similar to the care suggested for the Outdoor thread.

I received this thread collection from Coats and Clark a few weeks ago.


Coats & Clark outdoor thread
Coats & Clark outdoor thread


Coats & Clark outdoor thread
Coats & Clark outdoor thread


Then I went looking for outdoor fabric to make some cushions. Here’s what I found.


Outdoor fabric
Outdoor fabric


Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you instructions for making a cushion for your patio using this outdoor fabric and thread from Coats & Clark.


This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

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Jean has been designing and publishing patterns since 1997. For the past 10 years she has been designing patterns for new fabric collections by Northcott Fabrics. Her work has been published in several magazines in both Canada and the United States. Jean holds a Fiber Arts Certificate in quilting and has taught extensively throughout Canada, including six national Quilt Canada conferences. She was named "Canadian Teacher of the Year" in 2003 by the Canadian Quilters Association and has won numerous awards for her quilts.


  1. Linda Cartwright

    Thanks for this tutorial. I had no idea there was thread for outdoor use. I will have to go find some soon.

    • Outdoor thread is a fairly new product, but it is readily available now. Glad you enjoyed the Quiltsocial blog post.

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