Using your selvage strips to make an adorable heart wall quilt!

I’ve learned a lot this year using the PFAFF performance icon. This machine has improved the look of my finished pieces and I’m finishing more – thanks to growing my confidence in free-motion quilting using the features on the performance icon.

PFAFF performance icon

This week’s project feels like I’m putting together all the features I’ve used, kind of like a showcase piece. In fact, I think it might be the most artsy thing I’ve created! I put together a heart wall quilt.

Heart wall quilt

This wall quilt features some new favorite fabrics and several stitching techniques from the performance icon. Join me this week as I take you through the journey of making this wall quilt.



  • 15” [37.5cm] square of foundation piecing fabric – I used a polyester/cotton blend
  • (2) 7” [17.5cm] squares of foundation piecing fabric
  • 2 fat quarters – one will be the feature print fabric, the second can be same or similar complimentary print
  • 2” x 15” [5 x 37.5cm] strips of 2 coordinating fabrics
  • selvages at least 15” [37.5cm] long to cover a 15” [37.5cm] square
  • selvages to cover (2) 7” [17.5cm] squares
  • 28” [70cm] square of backing fabric
  • 2¼” strips to make about 110” [2.75m] of binding
  • 5-6” x 24” [12.5-15 x 60cm] piece of fabric for the sleeve
  • 28” [70cm] square of batting


  • thread to contrast with selvages
  • piecing thread
  • quilting thread


Coordinating fabrics and selvage strips I chose for my heart wall quilt project.

Coordinating fabrics and selvage strips I chose for my heart wall quilt project.

We’ll get started with cutting fabrics today! Be sure to iron the selvages and fabrics before cutting.

Cut from feature print fat quarter:

  • (1) 12½” square
  • (2) 7” squares
  • (2) 2” x 7” strips

Cut from coordinating fat quarter:

  • (2) 7” squares
  • (2) 2” x 7” strips

Cut from each strip of coordinating fabrics:

  • (2) 2” x 7” strips

This project evolved from my desire to use several of the stitching techniques found on the PFAFF performance icon. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s step in the adventure!

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