Variegated Eleganza threads customize your embroidery stitches

Yesterday on QUILTsocial we talked about using Eleganza thread to add wool applique to a table runner and now I’ve got one project that I need to machine quilt. A little birdie tells me that next month I’ll be experimenting with WonderFil’s longarm quilting threads so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to work on some of those UFOs!!

Today though is our last day of hand stitching with Eleganza threads, so let’s get to work using embroidery stitches to personalize a cushion cover. When using variegated threads, no 2 stitches are ever alike, then with the added sheen in the Eleganza thread, every embroidery stitch is enhanced.

The applique wool with Eleganza threads, do you see the beautiful sheen?

Variegated LOVE

OK – I have to admit, I really love variegated thread. I use it all the time to do my longarm quilting and my punchneedle embroidery. So it’s not surprising that my favorite Eleganza thread is the Sue Spargo EZM39 which is a mix of gray, navy, pink, purple and turquoise – pretty much all of my favorite colors!! The chain stitch that I used for the word ‘love’ really shows off the changing colors and it looks amazing! If you want more information about the chain stitch check out yesterday’s QUILTsocial post.

Chain-stitched words on the wool hexagons

I embroidered the word ‘Hugs’ on a second hexagon and then ‘Be Mine’ on a third all using the same variegated thread and a chain stitch. On the next hexagon I used a running stitch, lazy daisy stitch and French knots to make the following design. I used my marking pen to mark the lines and dots on the hexagon first to make sure that the design was evenly placed.

French knots and lazy daisy stitches

Here are some diagrams that show the stitches that I mainly use in my quilt and wool applique patterns.

Four basic embroidery stitches

I used a back stitch to embroider a heart on one of the hexagons using the turquoise variegated thread. Here’s video tutorial on how to do the back stitch.

Backstitch – YouTube

Backstitch Hand Embroidery Stitch.

Back stitching is used to stitch a heart on one of the wool hexagons

Part of the exquisite variegated color collection of the Eleganza thread

I had originally intended these wool hexagons to be appliqued onto the strip pieced table runner, but realized that they didn’t quite “work”. So instead, I decided to arrange them into a circle and applique them onto a square piece of fabric. Then I decided to add some borders and make it into a Valentine’s Day cushion.

The center of the cushion is a 14″ x 14″ square. For the inner border I cut two teal strips 1″ x 14″ and two 1″ x 15″. These were sewn on and then I added two purple strips 2½″ x 15″ and two strips 2½″ x 19″.

The cushion cover top background

I used my adhesive spray to stick the hexagons onto the cushion cover and then used the Eleganza thread to blanket stitch then down. After all of the stitching was finished, I added a split back and stitched all around the outside edge. For more information on how to make a cushion cover this way, please check out my blog Christine Baker – Fairfield Road Designs on June 5, 2016.

Adding the split back to the cushion cover front

After turning the cushion cover right side out, I pressed and then topstitched the outside edges and inserted a 16″ pillow form. Here’s my finished Valentine’s cushion.

The finished cushion

Well, there you have it! Lots of ways to use WonderFil’s Eleganza threads to applique, embroider and embellish. We’ve made a table runner, a wool banner and a cute Valentine’s cushion and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how I’ve made all of these projects. Take it from me, the Eleganza thread is just lovely to stitch with! One of my resolutions for 2017 is to do more hand stitching and I’m planning to use these threads as much as I can.

Thanks for hanging out with me this week and when you’re looking for a present for Valentine don’t forget about using embroidery stitches to personalize a cushion!

Eleganza thread also comes in equally exquisite solid colors.

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