Walking the adventure of walking foot quilting

I’m very excited about next week’s posts! Written by quilter Julie Plotniko, you don’t want to miss her tutorial on wholecloth walking foot quilting.

The definition of a wholecloth quilt is a quilt made of a single length of extra-wide fabric. The quilting stitches themselves form the design of the quilt.

I’ve loved the look of wholecloth quilting before I ever knew the name of this technique. It’s the kind of quilting where the quilting is the star of the show, without being muffled by color and patterns. I love the texture the thread creates.

A star at teaching the many facets of the exciting world of quilting, Julie will walk us through the supplies, how to prepare the fabric, and explaining what a walking foot is and how to thread the machine for successful quilting, and so much more.

If you want a head start and follow along, here are the supplies you’ll need to be ready.

This week we’re working with SCHMETZ needles, UNIQUE sewing erasable marker, Fairfield batting and the very luxurious GÜTERMANN 100% Spun Silk Thread 100m

GÜTERMANN 100% Spun Silk Thread 100m – Lt. YellowThe thread on which GÜTERMANN was founded. Synonymous with quality and luxury; Gütermann 100% spun silk has beautiful luster and can be used for construction seams, or buttons and button holes in fine garments, or for ornamental and decorative stitching. Suitable for hand and machine sewing. Blue spool color.

Fairfield batting for excellent quilts every time.

You’ll also need a walking foot. Julie explains, “The best thing about walking foot quilting is that the sewing machine controls the stitch length and the walking foot helps feed the fabric.” Don’t miss her awesome tutorial about it.

A walking foot – essential in our tutorial about wholecloth walking foot quilting

Here’s a sneak peek of the early stages of wholecloth walking foot quilt sample.

The early steps of wholecloth walking foot quilting tutorial

The adventure starts Monday May 13! Join us!

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Donna May 21, 2020 - 8:04 pm
The walking foot makes a big difference to quilting. No more puckering and you get such a neat stitch.
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