Waterproof sewing projects | What you need

This week I’m showing you how to use HeatnBond Iron-On Vinyl and ODIF Odicoat Gel Coating to make some fun, water-resistant projects that are perfect for using on car trips with the kids or outings to your favorite beach or park this summer.

HeatnBond Iron-On Vinyl and Odif Odicoat Gel Coating

HeatnBond Iron-On Vinyl is a clear laminating product that protects fabrics and other smooth surfaces. Iron it on your choice of fabric at a medium temperature using a Teflon pressing sheet underneath. It’s extra clear to allow material to show through and you can use it on one or both sides of most fabrics. HeatnBond Iron-On Vinyl comes with both a lustre and matte finish. I’ll use the lustre finish for this week’s projects.

HeatnBond Iron-On Vinyl

Odif Odicoat Gel Coating is a waterproof gel that protects fabrics from moisture and is a very strong permanent glue for fabric. When dry, Odicoat provides a finish on fabric like oilcloth while protecting it from UV and stains. It’s touch dry in 30 minutes and completely dry within 12 hours. After you apply the gel, you can sew or cut the fabric. Odicoat can also be applied to already finished projects using a soft brush. Finished projects may be washed by hand or machine. Odif Odicoat Gel Coating is a transparent, odorless, acid and solvent-free product.

Odif Odicoat Gel Coating

I’m also using the following supplies:

Oliso Pro TG1600 Pro Plus Smart Iron

SCHMETZ Denim Needles size 90/14

⅜” Unique Sewing plastic snap fasteners

Unique Snap Fastener Tool

Unique Clever Clips

VELCRO Sew On Soft and Flexible Tape

Unique applique pressing sheet

Supplies for this week’s projects

I’ll show you how to use HeatnBond Iron-On Vinyl and Odif Odicoat Gel Coating to make 2 different all-purpose bags – a lunch bag, and placemats and coasters. So, dig into your fabric stash and get ready to create! We’ll get started on the first little bag tomorrow.

Snack bag made with HeatnBond Iron-On Vinyl

This is part 1 of 5 in this series

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