Welcome spring with a fun quilted cushion using the PFAFF performance icon

Welcome spring! It’s a wonderful time of year as the warmth of the sun reminds us of new growth and possibilities. This week I’m sharing a project using the PFAFF performance icon to bring some of those hopeful spring vibes alive.

Let’s have fun quilting some sunshine into our lives this week. Now everything isn’t all rosy and wonderful – there’s no denying that! But, being able to find the bright spots and hold onto them makes any day a little brighter. It’s my hope that this quilted cushion cover brings you a bit of joy this week.

Sunshine cushion cover



  • 18” white background fabric for cushion top
  • 18” square of backing fabric for cushion cover top
  • 3” wide scraps of fabric up to a fat eighth, in blue, orange, and pink for letters
  • 16½” x 12½” fabric for upper cushion back panel
  • 16½” x 10½” fabric for lower cushion back panel (I used 16½’ x 8½” but my pillow form is thin)
  • 18” square of batting


  • sewing thread
  • quilting thread to match letters (blue, orange, pink)


Prepare letters for fusing

Use the letter templates to create your letters. Follow the fusing instructions and the photo above to prepare letters on the fabrics.

Pattern for letters to applique on the cushion

Fabrics and templates for applique letters

Letters fused and ready to be cut out

Creating the letters today means they’ll be ready when we need them! They’ll be stitched onto the cushion cover using the PFAFF performance icon. Join me tomorrow!

PFAFF performance icon

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