Why use rayon and cotton threads when quilting panels

As I finish my week of playing with WonderFil‘s thicker threads I’m also planning for the fall. My mother asked me to quilt a fall wall hanging for her and I enjoyed it so much I decided to do one for myself.

I pulled out my stash of WonderFil’s 12wt rayon thread, Accent in both the solid colors and the variegated and made some initial choices. I also selected some 12wt cotton Spagetti in solid colors and Fruitti in the luscious variegated colors. The combination of the shiny rayon and the matt cotton should work well in this “pumpkins for sale” panel form Northcott.

Pumpkins for sale panel from Northcott

I usually choose a multi-colored backing fabric so that any tension issues from the thicker thread won’t be obvious. At the beginning of the week, I gave you 5 essential tips for quilting with these thicker threads. You’ll need to experiment, but you’ve probably sewn a little bag or pillow by now and have a good idea of what you need to do!

Auditioning WonderFil’s 12wt threads

I laid the quilt panel out and auditioned a collection of threads to see where I want the shiny rayon, Accent thread, to show and the matt cotton, Spaghetti, and Fruitti threads, to provide a subtle shading.

Stitch with WonderFil’s DecoBob #414 Soft Tan to secure quilt layers together

Before I start quilting with the thicker threads, I secure the layers together with a finer thread. I used WonderFil’s DecoBob 80wt polyester thread color #414 Soft Tan.

The thread has been “cottonized”, a process that reduces the stretch and shine that are common with polyester threads. This shade of thread will probably not show once I have finished quilting.

Once the quilt layers are secured, I look closely to see which order I’ll quilt. I want to make sure that I keep the perspective of the picture. The hay bales are at the back and should be quilted first. The pumpkins will be quilting in order from back to front and finally the grass.

I have some ideas for quilting the sky and adding more texture up there.

Auditioning threads. WonderFil Spagetti #03 golden Yellow, #21 Caramel and Fruitti #06 Sunflower

The hay bales are right at the back and I don’t want them to stand out in any way, so I’ll use the cotton Spagetti [SP03 and SP23] and maybe some Fruitti [FT06] to add some more interest.

Hay Bales are quilted with WonderFil Spagetti #03 Golden Yellow and #21 Caramel

Once the hay bales are quilted with Spagetti thread the variegated Fruitti is not necessary.

Quilted with WonderFil’s Spagetti #12 Medium Fern Green

The stems and leaves of the sunflowers should be stitched next. Spagetti [SP12] will give just enough definition to these hidden images.

Quilted with WonderFil Fruitti #06 Sunflower

For the sunflowers themselves, I’ll just use the variegated Fruitti #06.  The color name is Sunflower which is quite appropriate for the flower petals. I’ve added Accent [AC2121] for some highlights to the flower centers.

Quilted with WonderFil’s 12wt Accent thread, #2118 Sunny Yellow and 2121 Dark Gold

Next up are the pumpkins in the basket. I want to highlight the moon shining on the pumpkins so I’ll use Accent [AC2121], Sunny Yellow to quilt the lighter areas of the pumpkin.

I’ve run out of time for today but will continue quilting this lovely pumpkin panel from Northcott tomorrow. I’ll be finishing the pumpkins on the ground as well as the grass with my selection of WonderFil‘s AccentSpagetti and Fruitti 12wt threads.

I have an idea for the sky and that shadow of the scarecrow in the back. The moon will also get some special attention tomorrow.

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