Yo-yos make your quilts complete

Yo-yos made two different ways.

Yo-yos are a fun way to complete your quilt. They can be the whole quilt or they can be easy and fast embellishments on your quilt or quilted items. Here you can find two simple ways to make yo-yos.

You will need

  • scraps of fabric, depending on your size of yo-yo, a 5″ square for the larger one
  • a 3″ square for the smaller one

I used my TrueCut 360 to cut out a circle the exact size I wanted, which is very handy.

Use the TrueCut 360 to cut your circle to your exact specifications.

Creating a Yo-yo

  1. This first method creates what I call a raw edge yo-yo. Do a running stitch around the perimeter of the yo-yo starting on the wrong side and about 1/4″ from the edge.

Do a running stitch 1/4″ from edge of circle.

  1. Once stitches are completely around the circle, pull to gather and do a few stitches to hold.

Yo-yo completed with raw edge finish.

  1. Finesse to get a nice looking circle.
  2. Create a smaller yo-yo to go on top of the large one and stitch down.

Put a small yo-yo on top of a larger one to cover the gathered hole.

To create what I call a finished yo-yo, as you do your running stitch, fold your fabric in wrong sides together from the edge about 1/4″ and stitch through both layers going around the perimeter.

Create a more finished looking yo-yo by folding the fabric in and stitching through both layers around the circle.

When gathering the yo-yo, you can either pull tight or because you have a nice clean looking finish, leave a small opening in which you can insert a corresponding fabric and stitch down to give a unique look.

Slip a small piece of fabric into opening of yo-yo to create a pretty center.

If you want to sew yo-yos together, do simple slip stitches at the edges of each yo yo to join. Try adding a few onto your next quilt or quilted bag to make it look fun and show off your creativity.

Yo-yos can really make your quilt complete!

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