10 top features of the PFAFF creative sensation pro

To say this machine makes me feel special is an understatement! It makes me feel like a pro – ‘someone who knows what she wants to create and now has a machine that helps her achieve it’!

The creative sensation pro has a sleek modern look dressed in all white. From the moment you turn it on the machine dazzles with its thoughtful features to make each sitting at the machine efficient, effective and creative. I decided to list the top 10 features I enjoyed when I first sat down to explore the creative sensation pro – it was either that or just fill my post with emoticons with hearts for eyes!

The PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro

My Top 10 Favorite Features

1. The large Clear Color Touch Screen

Large Color Touch Screen

It’s big! And bright and easy to read. This is a great feature as I find myself using a lot of the icons to customize and personalize my sewing. The large screen makes it easy to see embroidery designs before stitching them. Placement of the designs is easy to see and adjust on such a large screen. There are moments when I’ve forgotten that I’m sitting at a sewing machine!

2. The soft touch buttons

Soft touch buttons on the PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro

The buttons are for the same functions as those on the Creative 4.5, (which I reviewed here) but instead of being raised buttons they’re flush with the machine front. After a few sessions I do find them easier to push and use.

3. The IDT System

The IDT system not engaged (left) and engaged (right)

Yes, this is a feature on all PFAFF machines, but it’s worth mentioning as it definitely adds to the pro experience. The Integrated Dual Feed (IDT) System feeds the fabric from the top and bottom at the same time. As the manual states, the IDT System “prevents layers from shifting while sewing, keeping quilt layers aligned.” I see the benefits of this system every time I stitch! It’s easy to engage and then it works beautifully. I don’t even have to pin! My favorite moment using the IDT system so far has been sewing two panels for a quilt back together with NO pinning!

4. Custom LED Lights

Custom LED Lights

This feature feels like a little bit of luxury – being able to adjust the intensity of light I need. I find this very helpful as sometimes I’m working in the beautiful afternoon sun, but mostly I’m at the machine after the sun has gone down. Being able to adjust the light has made it that much more enjoyable to be at the machine whenever I can get there.

5. Speakers

Sound Settings

Yes, speakers! Believe it or not you can change the sounds the machine makes – and even add  your own! There are several choices – including turning them off 😉 Which is what I did to the start up sound – simply because mostly I’m turning my machine on right after putting my son to bed! You can adjust the volume too 😉 However it was fun to go through the options – with my son’s input – and change them up a bit.

There’s even the option to add your own sound files! Yes, this machine has a USB port to connect to your computer or other device for updating the designs on the machine, adding more designs and even your own sounds.

6. Sew with Embroidery Unit On

PFAFF creative sensation pro with embroidery unit

This feature is also available on the Creative 4.5 but this is the first time I used it. I had the unit on for all of the sewing and quilting I’ve done with this machine. It’s been easy to do and given me a larger raised area to quilt on which helps getting the bigger quilts through the machine with less drag.

Here’s a quick look at the few steps necessary from turning on the machine to get ready to stitch with the embroidery unit on:

PFAFF creative sensation pro with the embroidery unit attached

This is the position the embroidery arm is in when the machine starts. It will move into this position so make sure the area is clear!

Then a pop up will come on the screen asking to calibrate the unit. Push on the checkmark in the top right of the box – again making sure the space on the unit is clear.

Select the More Options Icon

Now select the More Options icon in the side menu.

Select the Park option

Then select the P for Park position and the embroidery unit will move.

The embroidery unit in park position

With the embroidery unit out of the way, it’s time to switch the machine from embroidery mode to stitching mode.

Select Sewing Mode Icon

The icons located in the lower left of the Color Touch Screen are for changing modes. Simply select the Sewing Mode icon and you’re ready to sew!

7. 693 Stitches

Selection menu for stitches

I will admit that the first thing I did when I received this machine was turn it on and go through the stitches menu! Wow! It has 200 more stitches than the Creative 4.5. So many to choose from with so much potential for adding unique personal touches to my projects. You can also change the size of the designs and combine them to create your own with Stitch Creator!
Stitches are organized into different categories: utility, quilt, needle art, decorative, maxi (including stippling and monograms), sewing techniques (which includes hand-look quilt stitches, four direction stitches, stacking stitches, and ribbon stitches) and personal menu.

8. 363 Embroidery Designs

Built-in Quilt Designs

And embroidery designs too! A feast for the creative imagination.

PFAFF creative sensation pro Manual and Embroidery Collection guide

It’s wonderful that there’s a physical guide to the designs you can enjoy at leisure away from the machine as well. It was perusing the guide that gave me the idea for the project I will share with you later this week!

9. Personal Menu

Stitches saved in Personal Menu

This feature helps to keep track of your favorite stitches and those you design too! When I went through the stitches the first time I started to save some stitches right away to my personal file so I could find them quickly another time. As I created text and designs I saved them too. It’s a great time saving organizing feature so you can get started creating with your stitches as soon as you sit down to sew.

10. Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence

This is the culminating feature created from using the rest of the features!

All of the features work together to make quilting on this machine a creative experience. I feel less like a sewing machine operator and more like a creator.

I can’t guarantee that everyone will discover this feature, but I’m grateful for the chance to find it for myself and my quilting. Come back to see what my creative confidence created later this week!

The PFAFF creative sensation pro has many many more features! I hope you enjoyed my current favorite top 10 features. Let’s explore more.

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Vicki Whittle January 1, 2021 - 4:49 pm
Yes I have a creative performance second hand e-bay sewed on it not even 2 hrs now n shoppe I got a quilt expression on e-bay second hand works like a dream but I’m hoping to get the new quilt expression 720 new I love Pfaffs happy sewingand b safe
Berry April 23, 2016 - 8:54 am
A wonderful machine
Sarah Vanderburgh April 23, 2016 - 10:04 am
I agree! The more time you spend with it the more you discover too.
Pam B April 18, 2016 - 7:58 pm
Hiya!!! This sounds like a great machine. Wish I could afford a new one, but can't right now. Blessed be, hugs!!!
Sarah Vanderburgh April 18, 2016 - 8:10 pm
Yes, Pam this is a great machine! Keep it in mind for when you shop for your next one;)
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