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2 essential adhesive sprays make quilting easier: Odif 404 and Odif Grippy

2 essential adhesive sprays make quilting easier: Odif 404 and Odif Grippy

by Paul Leger

Odif 404 Repositionable Craft Adhesive and Odif Grippy Non-slip Coating

I’ll start with the Odif 404 Repositionable Craft Adhesive (404 for short). When I first found out about 404, I was transported back to 1985 when Post-it notes made their debut in my life. The link between these products is simple. The 404 spray makes paper, stencils, plastics, and stabilizers repositionable just like Post-it notes. No more picking up pieces of fabric that fell to the floor from your design wall. 

Odif 404 Repositionable Craft Adhesive

Yesterday, I used Odif 808 spray to temporarily place paper backings onto my applique fabric pieces. Today, with the paper I applied stillin place:

  • Place the fabric pieces face down on a protected surface.
  • Spray the applique pieces from a distance of about 8” using Odif 404.

Spray pieces with Odif 404 and wait 30 seconds for adhesive to cure.

  • Wait 30 seconds for the glue to cure, then the applique piece is ready to be placed and repositioned as needed on your project.

TIP Remember 404 is repositionable, if I’m not happy with where the piece is placed I can move it to another spot.

I sprayed Frosty’s parts, then I played with the placement of each piece.

Frosty parts are placed and adjusted as needed

It’s so easy!

Now, there’s a bit more good news here.

Should you have removed the paper from the back of an applique piece before spraying or if you’re working on a collage project for which you’re not using paper backings, you can use 404 directly on the fabric and it will still be ‘repositionable’, just like a Post-it note.

The other product I want to introduce today is Odif Grippy Non-slip Coating (Grippy for short). If you thought I was excited about 404, you ain’t seen nothing yet! I’m just as excited about Grippy.

We all have plastic rulers and templates which probably slip around on our fabrics just as we’re trying to cut.

Odif Grippy is the solution!

Odif Grippy Non-slip Coating.

In the last few years, companies have come up with great product options to use with rulers but nothing for plastic templates. Grippy is the solution for both rulers and plastic templates, all in one spray.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Place your ruler or template face down on a protected surface;
  2. From a distance of about 8”, spray a thin layer of Grippy onto the back of the ruler or template and allow to dry;
  3. Enjoy slip-free rulers and templates!

Use Odif Grippy Non-slip Coating to enjoy slip-free rulers and templates!

TIP When sprayed, Grippy appears slightly white but will dry translucent.

Odif Grippy Non-slip Coating will dry translucent.

The use of Grippy is not limited to rulers and templates. It can also be used with stencils, plastic template sheets, etc.

Bonus! For those of you who have difficulties with clothing sliding off of hangers, you can also use it on hangers!

Note: Should you ever need to remove Grippy from your rulers and templates you can do so with another great Odif product: DK5 Adhesive Cleaner.

Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to Odif 606 Iron-on Adhesive and to Odif DK5 Adhesive Cleaner. Come back to have a look at these two great Odif sprays.

See you soon.

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Valerie July 4, 2021 - 2:39 pm

Thank you for this info on 404. I wonder if after positioning appliqué where desired, if ironed, does it adhere to fabric like fusible web does? Also, will it gum up the needle?

Kay March 13, 2020 - 10:15 pm

Hi Paul,
I would love to try the Odif Grippy product. I live in Sudbury. Can you tell me where I can buy some?
Thank you.


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