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Easy-to-apply Odif 606 Iron-on Adhesive replaces double-sided interfacing

by Paul Leger

On Monday and Tuesday of this week I showed you some of the ways to use four Odif labor-saving spray-on products:

Odif Grippy, 808, 404 and Fabric Booster

Today, I’ll introduce two more products from Odif to make your quilting and crafting life easier.

When working on a project, there are lots of great tools and products to use to help us achieve the desired result. While working on an applique quilt like the one I’m doing this week, the Odif line of products comes in especially handy.

Every quilter has preferred techniques. For instance, when doing raw edge applique, I often use double-sided interfacing to stabilize and fuse; perhaps you do too!

Now you can get the same result you get with double-sided interfacing by using an easy-to-apply spray! Odif 606 Iron-on Adhesive and Odif DK5 Glue Remover products do exactly that!

Odif 606 Iron-on Adhesive and Odif DK5 Glue Remover

As I demonstrated with the 404 and the 808 sprays, these sprays are not permanent. The 404 allows you to reposition fabrics while deciding where to place applique pieces. Odif 808 allows you to make a reusable paper template which can be used over and over again. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Using two-sided stabilizer is the conventional way to do many applique methods. With stabilizer, there’s always the risk of getting glue on your project. With 606 this will not be an issue.

Using 606 spray is simple. Once the desired shape is cut from the fabric:

  1. Spray 606 evenly in short spritzes onto the wrong side of the fabric.

TIP Ensure the edges are also sprayed.

Spray Odif 606 Iron-on Adhesive on the back of fabric.

Place the applique shape, sprayed side down, onto the desired location of your project. Getting some glue on the iron is always a risk when pressing any fusible item. I recommend you use parchment paper or a Heirloom Non-Stick Teflon Applique Mat between the iron’s soleplate and the item you’re pressing to prevent such a mess.

  1. Using high heat, press for 30 to 45 seconds. Follow the product’s directions for the best results.


Using a Heirloom Non-Stick Teflon Applique Mat apply heat for 30-45 seconds

I’m using Odif 606 on Frosty’s eyes and on the snowflake. Once I’ve placed the applique pieces in their proper spots, I like to stitch around the different shapes to secure them to the quilt top.

The Frosty scene is ready for an applique stitch around every piece.

The second Odif product I’ll show you today is Odif DK5 Glue Remover.

Odif DK5 Glue Remover

Anytime you use adhesive sprays there’s always a risk of over-spraying; which can be difficult to clean. What to do? Enter DK5!

What’s DK5? It’s a cleaning agent that’s perfect for getting tacky residue off of your unintentionally adhesive-sprayed tools and surfaces. I’ve yet to find a product that can do what DK5 can. This is another must-have Odif product given all of the adhesive sprays we’ve been using this week!

Simply spray DK5 onto the surface to be cleaned, wait 30-60 seconds, then wipe with a clean rag to clear away any adhesive spray residue!

In the photo below, I’ve removed half of the Grippy I sprayed on the template I demoed yesterday.

A template ruler partially cleaned with Odif DK5 Glue Remover.

It’s important to shed light on these essential quilting tools which can be used for other crafts. Odif 606 Iron-on Adhesive and Odif DK5 Glue Remover I showcased today are handy in your quilting space.

Come back tomorrow, I’ll demonstrate and provide tips on uses for Odif 505 and Odif Anti-Static sprays.

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