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10 must-have Odif adhesive spray products for your quilting space

by Paul Leger

I hereby dedicate this whole week to Odif adhesive spray products every quilter needs to have in their quilting space.

For many of you, the name Odif may not ring a bell, but if I say 505 basting spray, I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about.

Well, Odif is the company that makes our much loved 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive (basting spray). Odif also makes many other labor-saving products I was unaware even existed 18 months ago! Since I found out about these new products, I’ve made it my mission to learn more about each and discover how they can bring even more joy to our quilting lives. Over the next 5 days, I’ll demonstrate and explain the many uses of 10 Odif products. Join me!

The 10 Odif products being featured this week

Winter’s due to arrive in just over a month from now, so I decided to make a little applique winter scene using most of the available Odif products.


  • 14” x 19” blue fabric for sky
  • 10” x 19” white for ground and snowman (ground piece is 3” x 19”)
  • 8” x 8” black for hat, mouth, eyes and buttons
  • 2” x 4” red for hat band
  • 2” x 4” orange for nose
  • (2) 2½” strips for binding
  • fat quarter for backing

Click the link to download Frosty Winter Scene templates.

Frosty the Snowman enjoying a snowflake 19″ X 16½”.

Over the next three days, I’ll demonstrate several Odif products perfect for applique and many other uses. I’ll share different methods. As in all methods and techniques, once you’ve seen the demos, pick the one you prefer, but it wouldn’t hurt to try them all first.

Let’s start by looking at Odif 808 Paper Pattern Adhesive spray, 808 for short.

Odif 808 Paper Pattern Adhesive

In case you’re wondering what a paper pattern adhesive does, read on!

After I spray the 808 onto paper, the paper will stick to the fabric when heat is applied to the reverse side of the paper. Essentially, I’m making homemade freezer type paper. No more rolls of freezer paper, no more fitting to rip it from the box.

Today, I’ll show 2 ways to use Odif 808 spray for this week’s project.

1. When there are several pattern pieces to cut from one variety of fabric, 808 is very handy for raw-edge applique.

  • Spray the 808 on the sheet of pattern paper from a distance of about 6″.

Frosty’s head and body applied to fabric

2. The second way to use 808 is for applique. This time, it’s for turned-edge applique.

  • Cut out the shape needed and spray the shape.
  • Place the sprayed piece of paper on the fabric and press to make it adhere.
  • Cut around the shape; I like to leave about ¼” extra around the edge.

Preparing Frosty’s nose for turned-edge applique

Normally, at this time I’d turn the fabric’s edge around the paper applique shape and baste it into place. But, before I do, I’d like to show another Odif product that will make the task easier.

Note: When dry, 808 will not be sticky but the paper can be reused. To reactivate, simply reapply heat as you would with freezer paper. It’s that easy!

Odif Fabric Booster is a great help with applique. Use Fabric Booster as a stabilizer.

Odif Fabric Booster

Most starch or sizing sprays I’ve used in the past are either too light or too heavy. You have the ability with Fabric Booster to use it as a starch or sizing, you decide from this one spray how much or how little to use.

Like the 808, there are two ways to use the Fabric Booster. The first method consists of spraying the entire piece of fabric with Fabric Booster.

TIP: You might want to use a box or container large enough to hold the piece of fabric in order to prevent spraying items you don’t want to spray! Allow the fabric to air dry according to the directions on the Odif Fabric Booster can. In step 1 of the 808 demo above I used this method.

Note: Clean the nozzle opening after each use.

Dampen the fabric by spraying Odif Fabric Booster.

The second method will come in handy for doing turned-edge applique. Earlier, I placed the paper template onto the fabric and then trimmed around it. Odif Fabric Booster spray container is a screw-on cap.

  • Remove the cap from the Fabric Booster container and pour a small quantity of Fabric Booster into a small container. The lid of one of the Odif cans works great.
  • Using a cotton swab, moisten the edge of the fabric.

Odif Fabric Booster applied around the edge of the fabric

After the Fabric Booster has been applied to the fabric, fold the fabric over the paper shape and press it dry. (Check out the handy Go Iron! It’s perfect for this use!!)

Turn edge of fabric over the paper and press with an iron to create shape. (Check out the handy Go Iron! It’s perfect for this use!!)

Today with the help of Odif 808 and Odif Fabric Booster sprays, I’ve demonstrated some methods to use for applique. Believe me when I say there are a lot more uses for these great products! Odif 808 can be used with plants, cardboard, plastic, drawing sheet and non-fusible stabilizers while Odif Fabric Booster can be used with felt, ribbons, lace, embroidery and wools. These are truly versatile products!

Odif Fabric Booster and Odif 808 Paper Pattern Adhesive

Tomorrow I’ll demonstrate two more Odif products: the 404 Spray and Fix Permanent Repositionable Adhesive for Craft Material (404 for short) and the Grippy Non-slip Coating spray (Grippy for short).

You need to come back and see these two sprays, you’re going to love them!

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

Go to part 2: 2 essential adhesive sprays make quilting easier: Odif 404 and Odif Grippy



Nikki November 30, 2019 - 8:01 am

Question: where do you get this stuff? I can’t find all of these products anywhere, and some of these products appear to be completely unavailable.

Paul Leger
Paul Leger November 30, 2019 - 10:26 am

Good morning Nikki, All the product should be available through your local quilt shop. If they do not have the one you are looking for they should be able to order them via H.A. Kidd.


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