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3 PFAFF Creative 1.5 features you can’t live without

by Gail Berry-Graham

Forget that new car smell, nothing makes me smile more than that ‘new machine’ smell. I can’t describe it any other way than to say it’s a smell of happiness and wonder at the same time. It’s better than being a kid at Christmas because as an adult I’ll cherish this new machine experience. As I explained in yesterday’s post, there are 5 great features to the PFAFF Creative 1.5 but there are 3 PFAFF Creative 1.5 features you can’t live without. Let me explain it further.

It’s the little things that make me happy too. The pretty packaging, not just a plain cardboard box, two boxes within the large box, one for the machine and one for the embroidery arm. It’s like getting three presents in one!

It’s a pretty basic set up, the power cord goes into the side of the machine and then into the wall outlet, the foot pedal cord plugs into the machine and once you turn the machine on you’re ready to rock and roll.

Let me share an important tip here…when I say plug your machine into the wall outlet that’s fine but what I really mean is plug your machine into a battery back up surge protector which is plugged into your wall, especially if you live in an area prone to power surges and outages.  You don’t have to do this, but don’t you want to take the best possible care of your machine?

If I were to tell you one of the best gifts I ever got for Christmas was a label maker you would think me just a little nerdy and organized. I must confess to at least being a little nerdy but I love my label maker so I can work towards being organized. So after that confession, is it any surprise to find out that I love the next part of unboxing a new machine? I open the manual to the page where it lists all the accessories and feet that come with the machine.

Let me tell you this machine is loaded! Eight, count them, eight different presser feet are included with this machine including a one step buttonhole foot, an embroidery slash free motion foot and all of the standard pressure feet needed to stitch out one of the 150 built-in machine stitches including some that go up to 7mm wide.

Once I have all of my bits and bobs accounted for and stored safely in the accessory tray that’s included it’s time to go for a test drive.

Before you can start you need to wind a bobbin and thread the machine. Get out your handy, dandy, easy to read and well illustrated manual. This is a manual one can actually understand! If this is the first machine you buy ever– don’t worry, you’ll love this manual, if you have been sewing and quilting since you were little and have used multiple machines it’s still a good idea to get out the manual for a new machine just to ensure you’re doing it the way the manufacturer recommends. There could be a little nuance you aren’t aware of, or heaven forbid you picked up a bad habit somewhere down the line, you don’t want to transfer that bad habit to this new machine.

bobbin winding couldn't be any easier

bobbin winding couldn’t be any easier

I love the self-explanatory screen telling me what the machine is doing at any given time.

I love the self-explanatory screen telling me what the machine is doing at any given time.

How many times have you been called out of your sewing space for very important reasons like someone can’t find the peanut butter jar, or better yet the doorbell rings and someone is trying to sell you something you neither need nor want. For one reason or another, I often leave a room to go do something else and when I get back to the original room I can’t remember what I was doing before I got interrupted. No problem! I just check out the nice clear screen on PFAFF Creative 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine and I know what I was doing, in this picture… I was winding a bobbin.

This is very exciting, as this machine is so new it’s just hitting your local PFAFF dealer now, I think the demand for this fine tuned entry level is going to be hot. I’m not surprised, after seeing the 5 stellar features discussed yesterday and the 3 PFAFF Creative 1.5 features you can’t live without discussed today! This is a great machine to have as a second machine to take along travels, or classes. Delay no further! Time to treat yourself. Tomorrow, we start a project, I’m thinking of Christmas in July…time to start THOSE projects…


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