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Piecing a quilt with the PFAFF IDT System

Piecing a quilt with the PFAFF IDT System

by Gail Berry-Graham

Time to piece some tumbler blocks…

We’ve been exploring the new PFAFF Creative 1.5 Sewing and Embroidery machine and the key features of this little jewel of a sewing machine…I’ve been itching to get started on a Christmas Tumbler Block quilt for a friend and I’m so confident that this machine can do an awesome job I’m not even going to take it for a test drive, I’m going to thread it all up and get started right away! Piecing a quilt with the PFAFF IDT System, is what makes it so easy.

First I cut my blocks and start with a whole stack of them so I can just keep chain piecing. Here are just three blocks.

Three Tumbler blocks

Three Tumbler blocks

Next I make sure I have a bobbin wound and my machine threaded. Today I’m using a contrasting thread so it will show in the photos, normally I do my piecing with a neutral thread, either a gray or a beige.

I engage my IDT, I know, I know, you get sick of me telling you how much I LOVE and I do mean LOVE my IDT but the built-in walking foot makes piecing my quilts a breeze, I save so much time not need to pin everything and I’m always confident in my straight seams when I use my IDT.

This is so easy to engage I just slip my hand to the back of the machine just behind the needle and use just two fingers. I promise you once you use IDT on a Pfaff for piecing you won’t want to use any other machine, ever.

Next, I glance at the screen of my machine. With just a glance I can make sure I’m on the right stitch, in this case a straight stitch, I see that my tension and stitch length are automatically set for me, if I want to shorten my stitch length it’s so easy to do I just touch a button and watch the indicator. If you follow my blog you know I often shorten my stitch length when I piece especially if I’m piecing small pieces.

Another feature every quilter must have on their machine is a needle down feature. Meaning every time I stop sewing my needle will stay in the down position. This machine of course has that necessary quilting function.

This is an important feature because when you stop your machine from sewing to reach for the next piece of fabric, the needle holds the pieces that you just stitched in place. You won’t lose a stitch nor will you go off kilter and not be stitching on your 1/4″ line.

A BONUS feature of this machine is the 1/4″ marking on the bobbin plate cover! No more putting a piece of tape or drawing a mark on your machine for that 1/4″ line. It’s right there, on the bobbin plate cover–it’s also on the stitch plate but by the time you get your fabric to that marking you may have already done some actual stitching on it. By using the 1/4″ guide on the bobbin plate to ensure the pieces line up correctly on their way to the needle. I don’t have to worry about it at all!

A 1/4" mark on the bobbin plate cover makes it easy to get the perfect 1/4" seam

A 1/4″ mark on the bobbin plate cover makes it easy to get the perfect 1/4″ seam

Checking that the 1/4" marking on the bobbin cover of the PFAFF Creative 1.5 is accurate, and sure enough it is.

Checking that the 1/4″ marking on the bobbin cover of the PFAFF Creative 1.5 is accurate, and sure enough it is.

I’m going to keep piecing along and I’ll have a table topper done before I know it! Whether you’re getting this machine as your first introductory embroidery machine or your second embroidery machine like me you’ll love it for more than its embroidery features. It’s like you’re getting the great PFAFF machine to make your quilts and the embroidery is a bonus!

  • IDT–built-in walking foot
  • 1/4″ marking on the bobbin plate cover
  • Needle down position
  • EASY to use and change stitches and stitch length
  • Awesome stitches and a nice, and I mean nice straight stitch. Let’s not forget I can always use one of the other hundred plus stitches to embellish my quilt top.
  • Start stop button – no more worry about my foot pedal running away from me…

Join me tomorrow, as I continue the Christmas in July table topper. Piecing a quilt with the PFAFF IDT System, makes the process easy!



Katy L July 22, 2015 - 10:05 am

I love my Pfaff!!! When I went looking for my first sewing machine in years, I took a friend who loves Berninas. When we demoed the 2030 model, she was so impressed with the built in walking foot and the fact it threads the needle for you, she wished she could buy one too. I snapped it up and still own it to this day, which is about 18 yrs now. I also own an embroidery machine and the 5.0 and the lightweight one for classes. So that is 4 machines and they all get used on a fairly regular basis. I wish I had waited a year and I would have bought this one instead of the 5.0.
Thank you for promoting such an excellent product!!

Gail Berry-Graham July 22, 2015 - 10:15 am

Thanks Katy-I love my PFAFF’s as well–this machine is a great second embroidery machine for me. I have a sensation Pro as well and a Passport for classes.


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