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50 ways to keep a quilter happy while on vacation 37, 36, 35, 34

by Elaine Theriault

How is your summer so far? I hope you’re having fun and hope this list of 50 way to keep a quilter happy while on vacation, is keeping you and your family amused!

Got a couple more great tips today and another great quilt shop to tell you about.

Number 37 – Stumbling upon a “hard to find” magazine

I have to confess that I’m a magazine junkie. Everywhere I go, I have to check out the magazine rack just to see what’s there. Imagine my surprise when I went into a small grocery store in a small town (Kensington) in PEI and found this on the magazine rack. Even if I didn’t buy it – it was just fun to have found something that isn’t readily available everywhere.

Can you spot the "hard to find" magazine?

Can you spot the “hard to find” magazine?

Number 36 – Visit a fiber art show

Whether you’re into fiber art or not, I think it’s valuable for all quilters to experience the other styles of quilting be that modern, contemporary, traditional, wall quilts or those for the bed. It helps to broaden our perspective, and we can better appreciate what we do.

Obviously we’re going to compare ourselves to their work and sometimes you’re in for a big surprise. I tell people to look at the pieces. Examine the art work to realize that other people’s work is NOT perfect. It’s not supposed to be perfect.

Do not criticize. You’re looking at someone else’s work to appreciate it for what it is and that could be workmanship, creativity or style. Learn from the work – you never know – you might not like the style, but you might find a great new color scheme.

Your family may also learn to better appreciate what you do if they are exposed to what others create.

Fiber artwork by Mike and Margaret England

Fiber artwork by Mike and Margaret England

Number 35 – Have a handwork project ready

If you’re unable to have access to a sewing machine while you’re away, why not take some handwork. There are many many types of handwork projects that you can take along on any trip.

Embroidery or a “hexie” project are two that come to mind. Both of these will keep you occupied for a long long time. How about a knitting project, crochet, tatting cross stitch or – well there are MANY different types of hand work that are easy to transport even if you’re on a plane.

Maybe you could get your travel mates to join you in a handwork project? My friend Ronda’s husband does cross stitch!

Hexagon project

Hexagon project

If you are going to take along some hand work, I would STRONGLY encourage you to take a portable light. I haven’t seen a hotel room, or a household in which no one did any hand work, that had decent lighting. I take the Stella Desktop LED Lamp whenever I travel and it has served me well.

Stella Desktop LED Lamp helps to do hand work anywhere I go.

Stella Desktop LED Lamp helps to do hand work anywhere I go.

Number 34 – Visit a quilt store

You’ve heard the expression – “it was worth the drive”. Well I have to say that was the case for this next store. It’s called “A Needle Pulling Thread” and is located in Digby, Nova Scotia. Let’s just say that it was a nice detour on the way home.

I would like to point out that before you set out on your trip – make sure you check the store hours. This store closes at 4pm on most days and fortunately for me, I caught that BEFORE I set out that day. I had to change my route slightly to accommodate that timing.

But the detour was well worth it – a beautiful shop.

Finished items for sale

Finished items for sale

Great selection of quilt patterns

Great selection of quilt patterns

Folksy fabric selection

Folksy fabric selection

That wraps up another post of 50 ways to keep the quilter happy while on vacation. There’s more – so much more. I’m having a blast doing the research – I hope you’re enjoying the posts as well. Remember if you have a tip – share it with us. Have a great day! Ciao!

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