365 Days Quilt Scraps: The Mummy Quilt Block

Thanks for joining me today in making a second scrap quilt block in anticipation of the Halloween season. Last week, I gave you the instructions for making the Spooky Pumpkin Block, today I’m showing you how to make a mummy! These fun Halloween themed blocks are fun for applying them to candy bags, wall hangings, table toppers, runners, etc.

I have many more scrap quilt block designs in my new book Sewing Scrap Blocks with Character, which can spark other ideas on themed quilts. Check it out!

This mummy scrap block is the 138th patchwork block in a year-long quilt scrap challenge in 2019. Here we go!

The Mummy Block from 365 Days Quit Scraps, free pattern

The Mummy Block is offered in 4 quilt block sizes: 3”, 6”, 9”, 12”.



  • fabric scraps


  • thread to match fabric
  • heavy weight thread or embroidery floss for embellishing
  • sewing needles and pins
  • sharp scissors
  • ruler
  • rotary cutter
  • pencil or water-soluble marker


  • transfer paper
  • color printer

Note: The diagrams are actual size excluding seam allowances.


Preparing the pieces

Print method

Print the diagram in color then cut the paper pieces to use as templates.

Tracing method

Using transfer paper and a ruler, the mummy image. Cut the pieces to use as templates.

Cutting and Sewing

  1. Templates are provided in the PDFs under Assembling the Pieces.
  2. Place each template on a chosen scrap fabric and cut around the template including a ¼” all around each piece. Cut all the pieces of fabric.
  3. Use the numbered diagrams to sew all pieces in the recommended order. Sew the pieces by hand or by machine.
  4. Use backstitching at the start and stop of seam if sewing by machine, use knots if sewing by hand.

Assembling the pieces

Follow the piecing diagrams below:

3” The Mummy downloadable template

6” The Mummy downloadable template

9” The Mummy downloadable template

12” The Mummy downloadable template

Join me next week, I’m posting the Dracula Bat design.

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