Spectrum QAL 2020 Block 1: Benartex Wave Texture

I’d like to echo my friend Claire Haillot’s comment in her post about the fabric requirements saying how excited I am to be part of this Spectrum QAL 2020 with Claire and Elaine Theriault.

For a few years now, I’ve wanted to work on a collaborative project with these talented women, so, naturally, when I was invited to participate, I jumped at the chance to join them! Since my time in the kitchen canning preserves, making tomato sauces and soups is coming to an end, the timing for this quilting collaboration is perfect!

I knew I wanted to make my version of Claire’s quilt design modern while keeping with the traditional quilt elements. To realize my vision, I turned to the colorful fabrics of the Wave Texture collection by Benartex.

Spectrum Quilt-A-Long quilt design featuring Wave Texture fabrics by Benartex.

While I love modern quilts, which are typically created using solid or low volume fabrics, I also love my quilts to have texture and movement. These elements are created by both the quilting techniques as well as fabrics used. For this project, I chose the very colorful fabrics from the Wave Texture collection by Benartex. This collection offers both the texture of traditional and, from a distance will have a solid, modern look to it.

Wave Texture fabrics by Benartex will add interest to this quilt.

Below are the fabric requirements for my modern version of the Spectrum quilt with finished dimensions measuring 67” x 80”.

Note: I added ⅛ – ½ yard to the actual fabric quantities required.


¾ yd Medium Red                   2966-15

1 yd Dark Red                           2966-19 (including binding)

1¼ yd Cayenne                        2966-20

¼ yd Sun                                   2966-31

¾ yd Amber                             2966-32

¼ yd Honey                              2966-24

1 yd Pumpkin                           2966-38

½ yd Tangerine                       2966-39

½ yd Forest                              2966-45

½ yd Basil                                2966-46

3½ yd Cobalt                           2966-53

¾ yd Sky                                  2966-55

2¼ yd Medium Red               2966W-15 (wide back)

Block 1 is a 16-patch block.

The first block of the Spectrum QAL 2020 is a 16-patch block.

Before beginning construction of the first block, below are the cutting instructions:

Piece A – cut four 3½” x 3½” squares from Cayenne

Piece B – cut one 7¼” x 7¼” square from Cayenne

Piece C – cut four 3⅞” x 3⅞” squares from Sky

Piece D – cut one 3” x 6” rectangle from each of Pumpkin and Tangerine

Piece E – cut two 3⅞” x 3⅞” squares from Dark Red

Five different Wave Texture fabric colors cut and ready for piecing Block 1; Spectrum QAL 2020.

With the fabric pieces cut, I’m ready to start assembling the first block using the layout diagram below as a guide.

The Spectrum Block 1 layout.


Step 1

Take two different colored pieces of D fabric and place them in a pair with the right sides together. As shown in the photo below, draw a vertical line 3” from the edge on the back of one of the D fabric pieces. Draw a diagonal line from the upper left corner down to where the vertical line touches the edge of the fabric then pivot your ruler and draw another diagonal line from the bottom of the first diagonal line to the upper right corner. Sew a seam on each side of both diagonal lines.

Note: All seams are ¼” today.

Draw a vertical and two diagonal lines on the back of one of the D fabric pieces.

Step 2: After sewing the seams, cut along each of the drawn lines as shown below.

After sewing the seams, cut D fabric pieces along the diagonal and vertical lines.

Step 3: Press the seams.

Step 4: Take two of the HSTs made in Steps 1 and 2 and sew them together side by side as shown below. Repeat Step 4 for the remaining two HSTs just created.

HSTs made in Steps 1 and 2 are attached to each other in Step 4 to make two sets.

Step 5: With right sides together, sew both rectangular units together to create a square as shown below. Press the seam.

Both rectangular units created in Step 4 are sewn together to create the center of the block.

Step 6: Next, take both E fabric pieces and make one diagonal cut from corner to corner.

Square E fabric pieces cut diagonally

Step 7: As shown below, sew a triangle piece made from fabric E in step 6 to each side of the block completed in step 5. Press the seam towards the darker fabric.

The triangles made from the E fabric are sewn to the edges of the block’s center.

Step 8: The next step is to take two C fabric pieces and draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each piece. Then, with right sides together, place each C piece on top of the fabric B piece. Ensure the fabrics are placed right sides together on the opposite corners of the B piece as shown in the following photo.

Place two C fabric pieces on opposite corners of the B fabric piece with right sides together.

Step 9: Sew a straight seam on each side of the diagonal line drawn on the C pieces, then cut along the diagonal line and press the seam.

After sewing, cut along the diagonal line and press.

Step 10:  Next, take the two remaining C fabric pieces and place them on the corner of each B fabric section with the diagonal line starting at the corner as shown below. Then, sew a straight seam on each side of the diagonal line.

Right sides together, place the C fabric pieces on the corners of the B fabric pieces and sew a seam along each side of the diagonal line.

Step 11: After sewing, cut along the diagonal line between the seams and press them away from the center.

Press fabric away from the center.

Step 12: Take two of the C/B units completed in Step 11 and sew them, right sides together to the opposite sides of the block’s center. Spectrum QAL Block 1 using Benartex Wave Texture fabric.

C/B units created in Step 11 are sewn to either side of the block’s center.

Step 13: Almost finished! With right sides together, sew the four A fabric pieces to the ends of the two C/B units constructed in Step 11. Sew rows to the center section of the block.

Sew rows to each side of the center section.

Step 14: To finish, sew each A/B/C row-unit created in Step 13 to each side of the central unit made in Step 12.

Spectrum QAL 2020 Block 1 – done!

I enjoyed seeing Claire Haillot’s version of Block 1 using The Little Girl in the Blue Armchair collection from Anthology Fabrics. Now, I’m very much looking forward to seeing Elaine Theriault’s first block featuring fabrics from the Blue Stitch collection from Riley Blake, next week!

I totally loved using the fabrics from the Wave Texture collection by Benartex today. The color pallet definitely gave me the result I was looking for in the first block. I can’t wait to see the completed quilt.

I’m curious to know which of the three fabric collections you’ll choose to make your quilt for the Spectrum QAL 2020. Please share photos of your chosen fabrics and completed blocks in the comments below and join me again in two weeks for my version of Block 2!

QUILTsocial Spectrum QAL 2020 – join the fun!

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