9 easy steps to perfect wagon wheel quilt blocks

The second template, Wagon Wheel & Fan, is the one that caught my eye when I was looking at the pictures of the projects on the package. I’m quite excited to give it a whirl and see what I can create with it. Let’s continue on and check out those 9 easy steps to perfect wagon wheel quilt blocks.

Wagon Wheel

If you recall on Monday I said that this template had all the measurements needed on the template except for one. The exception is what size to cut the strip of fabric needed. To determine this measurement use a ruler or tape measure and measure from either the yellow line at the bottom of the template or the next line up which is orange. This will determine the size of the circle in the middle of the wagon wheel. I’ve decided to go with the bottom line which is a 6″ circle.

Making the pieces

Step 1: Starting at the yellow line measure up to the line of the size of block you wish to make. I’m going to make an 18″ block so I’ll need to cut my strips 5″ x WOF.

Measuring for size to cut fabric strip

Step 2: Place the template on the fabric and mark out the cutting lines using a marking pen such as the Clover chaco liner. The template needs to be flipped back and forth a 180° as you work along the piece of fabric.

Tracing shape on wrong side of fabric

Step 3: I had all my lines marked on the strip of fabric when I realized that I hadn’t fused the interfacing to the fabric. I thought well I’ll fuse it now and see if I can see the lines. Yes, indeed I could see the lines so I didn’t have to redraw anything – bonus.

So technically step 2 & 3 should be swapped around and the interfacing fused in place before the marking is done.

Step 4: Using a ruler and rotary cutter I cut along the straight lines and then with a pair of scissors I cut the curves.

Pieces cut along red marking lines

Sewing the pieces together

Step 5: First things first I laid the pieces out in the order I wanted them to be in the wagon wheel. Each wagon wheel needs eight pieces. I could have used only 2 fabrics per wheel and alternated them. I decided that I would use 4 fabrics to get a more varied wheel.

Position pieces in layout before sewing

Step 6: Sew the pieces into pairs along the straight edges.

Pieces sewn into pairs

Step 7: Sew the pairs together to create halves.

Pairs sewn into halves

Step 8: Sew the halves into a whole to create the wagon wheel.

2 halves make a whole

Step 9: Place on the background fabric and add a 6″ circle to the center of the wheel.

Wagon wheel complete with center


The fan pieces are made the same as above and sewn into pairs.

The pairs are placed on the background square.

Fan shape in corner of background block

A ¼-circle is placed at the corner to cover up the remaining background fabric to create the fan shape.

¼-circle added to corner of fan

Use 2 blocks to create a half circle.

2 blocks make a half circle

Create a ribbon like design with the fan shapes alternating along a line.

4 fan blocks create a ribbon like design

These shapes and blocks can be used alone or together to create various projects from table runners to baby quilts, wall hangings and even full size bed quilts.

These 9 easy steps to perfect wagon wheel quilt blocks make this a simple block for all skill levels. I really like the look of this block. The fan block is great as well. But I still have one more template to test out before I make my decision on what shapes to use in my project – one, two, three, four or maybe all of them… Happy Quilting!

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Millie Long January 16, 2016 - 12:07 pm
I would love to do this project, but as a beginner I don't have a rolling cutter or a mat yet. This is neat.
Allison CB January 13, 2016 - 10:34 am
Awesome template - really clear photos - nice instructions! thanks for sharing
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