Perfect hearts with the Carefree Curves heart template

The third and final template is the Hearts & Gizzards template. I do like hearts and occasionally use them in the odd piece but I do find them hard to draw as each side is never quite equal. Maybe with this template I will have even hearts. Check out the steps below to make perfect hearts with the Carefree Curves heart template.

Heart & Gizzard Template

Creating the pieces

To cut the shapes from this template a strip of fabric is cut along the WOF. Each size is color coded on the template and states what width of strip to cut. I’ve cut a 6″ strip to make the smallest size of heart.

This time I made sure to fuse the interfacing to the back of the fabric before I started tracing out the shape.

Align the orange line which is the first solid line marking from the point of the template along the edge of the fabric. The pointed tip of the template will be at the other edge.

Hearts template aligned on fabric strip

Trace the outside edge of the template along with the curved cut-outs using a marking pen that will show up on the fabric and interfacing.

To draw the next piece flip the template 180 degrees and align with the diagonal line already drawn. Continue this way until the strip of fabric is full.

Shapes traced onto wrong side of fabric

Cut out the pieces using a rotary cutter and ruler on the straight edges and scissors or rotary cutter on the curve.

Shapes cut and ready to make hearts

Arranging the heart pieces

Arrange 2 pieces to create a heart in the corner of a piece of fabric.

A heart in the corner

Using 8 pieces put a heart in each corner of a background block.

4 hearts – one in each corner

Add a circle to the center of the background block for the hearts to surround.

Circle added to the mix

Use 8 heart pieces to create a flower. Sew them together along the straight edge the same as the wagon wheel shape was made. Dress it up by putting a button in the middle. Make a throw pillow out of it or use it for one side of a tote bag.

A flower

A second shape

Using the template place it over the heart shape with the first curved line about ⅔ of the way down from the top edge of the shape.

Template on heart shape piece

Trace the curved line onto the heart shape.

Curved line traced on heart piece

Using the rotary cutter cut along the line to create a small petal shape and a triangle.

2 pieces – flower petal and triangle

Combine 8 together to create a wreath by leaving the middle open.

Flower shaped wreath

Or add a small circle for the center piece to create a flower. Make 3 of these blocks and use them for a table runner.

A beautiful flower

Another option is to use 2 different fabrics for the heart and background to create a positive/negative effect. Use the smallest size and make a mug rug for Valentine’s Day which by the way is only a month away.

After using all these templates I still need to make a decision on which shapes to use in my project.

Perfect hearts with the Carefree Curves heart template every time but I don’t think the hearts have won a spot in my project even though they are perfectly shaped. Happy Quilting!

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