Creating a Disney gang growth chart with the Brother Luminaire XP2

I hope you’ll join me this week as I work with my Brother Luminaire Innov-ìs XP2 Embroidery, Sewing and Quilting machine. Over the next five days we’ll experience quilting in the hoop with the Disney Gang to make a fun growth chart for your kids. So, let’s get started!

The Brother Luminaire 2 Innov-ìs XP2

We’ll begin by cutting the main fabric (white tone on tone) and getting it ready for embroidery. Cut one piece at 15″ x 15″ – this will fit in the large 10⅝” x 10⅝” quilter’s embroidery hoop included with your Brother Luminaire XP2 machine. Cut the rest of the six main fabric (white tone on tone) blocks at 10″ x 8″. They’ll fit in a 5″ x 7″ embroidery hoop.

When I embroider on light fabric such as cotton, I always stabilize it with Mary Ellen’s Best Press – an alternative to the spray starch you find in the grocery store. The result is a cleaner and more aligned embroidery design. Apply it two times on each side of the fabric, allowing it to dry between each application. Once the starch has been applied, the fabric should be a little stiff, but still easy to manage.

Mark all seven blocks with crosshair intersecting lines in the center using an erasable fabric marker.

Hoop the 15″ x 15″ of main fabric in the large 10⅝” x 10⅝” quilters embroidery hoop with a 15″ x 15″ piece of light tear-away stabilizer. Ensure the stabilizer is under the fabric and try to align it in the center of the hoop as much as possible.

Remove one of the snowman stickers from the adhesive sheet that came with your Brother Luminaire XP2 and place it over the center of the crosshair line markings you made earlier. Be sure the crosshair line aligns with the marking on the snowman sticker.

Snowman sticker for scanning

Place the embroidery unit into the Brother Luminaire XP2. Turn on the machine and select Disney. In the Mickey folder, select the Arrow Up key to open the screen to view more designs. Place the hooped fabric into the Brother Luminaire XP2 embroidery unit and lock into place using the lock lever.

Using the slider bar, select pattern number 020 and tap on the design, the Disney Gang; select Set. Tap on the Embroidery key and the design will appear on the screen. Select Layout and select the Snowman icon, then select OK. A new screen will open, instructing you to choose an area where you wish the snowman to be scanned. Select Scan. By default, it will scan the center of the hoop, which is what you want; select OK. The machine will scan and detect the marker and instruct you to remove the marker when complete. Remove the marker and select OK. Tap on the Layout key to close the window and your color order will appear. Begin your embroidery.

Repeat these instructions to finish the rest of the gang, using the 5″ x 7″ embroidery hoop for the remainder of the characters.

Tomorrow we’ll cut the embroidered blocks to size, cut the borders, and I’ll use my Brother Luminaire Innov-ìs XP2 Embroidery, Sewing and Quilting machine to begin construction of the growth chart. See you tomorrow!

A closeup of the applique hand we’re working on this week! So cute!

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