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Denim dots make a great quilt

Denim dots make a great quilt

by Jackie White

Denim makes fantastic quilts! It’s durable, rugged and usually has a fun history to it, especially if you get your denim from old jeans. Today we’re going to showcase a couple of fun and easy denim quilt blocks to get your creative juices flowing.

While solid denim quilts are heavy and warm, adding a bit of color by using cotton not only brightens it up but also makes it a bit easier to work with as cotton is so thin compared to the denim.

Pieces of denim ready to be cut into quilt blocks.

Pieces of denim ready to be cut into quilt blocks.

I’m going to show you two quilt blocks that are similar using cotton and denim fabrics and then reversing these. We’re using 5″ squares and 3″ diameter circles.

Cut out 5″ squares from cotton fabric.

Then cut out 3″ circles from denim. If you don’t have the TrueCut 360 circle cutter, make a template from the bottom of a coffee cup, drinking glass or tea cup.

You can attach the circles in a variety of ways. Fusible applique is the quickest method, or raw edge stitching is another way. If doing raw edge circles and want the fabric to fray, then stitch around the perimeter 1/4″ inside the edge to allow for fraying.

2 quilt blocks with a denim circle in the middle.

2 quilt blocks with a denim circle in the middle.

Notice I didn’t put the circles centered in the square. You may find it more fun to have them off center. By combing denim and cotton in your quilt, no matter how you design it, it allows for much more color and fun!

Try putting a cotton circle in the middle of a denim square for a different look as done below.

5" denim squares with 3" cotton circle in middle.

5″ denim squares with 3″ cotton circle in middle.

I used the EQ7 to design a quilt with the 5″ cotton squares of modern solid colors with denim circles attached off center. You can see that this will be a bright modern quilt! There are so many possibilities when working with denim and cotton.

Try using some print fabrics such as chevrons or dots to create a fun quilt!

Design of denim and cotton quilt done on EQ7.

Design of denim and cotton quilt done on EQ7.

Denim dots and cotton squares or vice versa make great quilts! Use your imagination to create a nice mixture of denim and cotton in a gorgeous quilt! Join me tomorrow for one more day of quilting with denim fun!


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Carol November 11, 2015 - 10:56 pm

Love the denim dots quilt ideas. So much fun. Thanks


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