Easy strip cutting with the Komfort Kut Ruler Cutter

For many of us in Canada and the United States, today is a holiday. I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!

In this week’s posts, we’ll create a simple-to-assemble Christmas wall quilt. We’ll also play with options for the placement of the applique pieces. As a bonus, by doing all of this, I also get to use some of my favorite quilt creation tools during the process!

This week’s project – a Christmas wall hanging.

This week’s quilt project is easy to make. Here are some of the tools I’ll use:

Must-have quilting products and tools

For this project, the following fabric quantities are needed:

·         ¼ yd [0.25m] for gift

·         ¼ yd [0.25m] for ribbon

·         1 yd [1m] for background

·         1 fat quarter for bear

·         Small pieces of black and white for bear’s eyes and paw pads

·         ¼ yd [0.25m] for quilt binding

·         1 yd [1m] for quilt backing

Note: I’ll use the same fabric for both the ribbon and the quilt binding.

Christmas-themed fabrics for this week’s project

Before giving the cutting instructions, I’ll demonstrate the two-in-one Komfort KUT ruler cutter. This ruler cutter comes in very handy when cutting strips and binding.

With this ruler cutter, fabric strips with widths between 1¼” and 4½” can be easily cut.

To cut the desired strip width, simply line up the ruler’s markings along the edge of the fabric for the desired width. Once the ruler cutter and fabric are lined up, apply enough pressure on the blade carrier handle to slide and cut through the fabric in one long stroke. Voilà! The fabric strip is cleanly cut to the perfect width.

Komfort KUT 4½” x 27½” ruler cutter

From the fabric selected for the gift portion of the wall hanging, cut four 6½” x 6½” squares.

For the ribbon portion, cut one 2″ x 6½” strip and two 2″ x 14″ strips.

From the background fabric, cut the following pieces:

·      (1) 4½” x 14″

·      (1) 8½” x 14″

·      (1) 4½” x 26″

·      (1) 4½” x 26″

All fabric pieces and strips are cut and ready for this week’s project.

Today’s sewing consists of assembling the gift block of the wall hanging and attaching the background.

To begin, take two of the four 6½” x 6½” gift fabric squares and sew them, right sides together, along both long edges of a 2″ x 6½” ribbon strip. Repeat with the remaining gift and ribbon pieces.

Sew 2″ x 6½” pieces between 6½” x 6½” squares.

Sew the 2″ x 14″ ribbon strip between both pairs of assembled gift and ribbon fabrics along the long edge. This completes the gift box block of the wall hanging.

Sew the pairs of 6½” x 6½” squares to either side of a 2″ x 14″ piece.

Sew the 4½” x 14″ background fabric piece to the left edge of the gift box, then, sew the 8½” x 14″ background piece to the right edge of the gift box.

Sew the 4½” x 26″ background strip to the bottom edge of the gift box and the 6½” x 26″ strip to the top edge.

Attached the background fabric pieces to the gift block.

With these 10 seams completed, so is today’s post!

This is a very easy quilt to make, and using the Komfort KUT 4½” x 27½” Ruler Cutter  definitely makes the task of cutting strips quick and easy.

Come back tomorrow to see how easy it is to add a bow to the gift box block using Odif 606 Spray and Fix No-sew Fusible Adhesive Web!

This is part 1 of 5 in this series

Go to part 2: Use Odif for easy applique placement!

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