Use Odif for easy applique placement!

Hello everyone. As the week moves along, I’m looking forward to seeing the progress everyone is making on the Christmas wall hanging.

Yesterday we assembled the quilt top, minus the applique pieces. Using the Komfort KUT Ruler Cutter – 4½” x 27½” to cut the strips was quick and easy.

Today we get to see how the ODIF 606 Spray and Fix No-sew Fusible Adhesive Web and Odif 808 Spray and Fix Temporary Adhesive for Paper Patterns will make it easy to add an applique piece to the quilt top.

Odif 606 and 808 sprays

A gift is not a gift if it doesn’t have a bow. For this project, I’m including a PDF file of a bow you can use. To download the PDF, click here.

The bow for the quilt.

Print the PDF and roughly cut around the bow, then place the paper face down in the bottom of a box. Spray a small coating of Odif 808 on the paper.

Spray Odif 808 on the bow template inside a box.

Place the sprayed side of paper on the back of the ribbon fabric. Using a hot iron, press paper to fabric to fuse.

Using hot iron, fuse the bow template to the back of the fabric.

Trim by cutting along the outer edge of the bow. Prior to removing paper, with the help of a light box or window mark where the bow’s lines are located.

Trace the bow’s lines on fabric.

Remove paper from the back of the bow. Place bow in the bottom of a box face down and spray a layer of Odif 606.

Spray Odif 606 on the wrong side of the fabric used for the bow.

Place bow on top of the gift box and press in place as per the instructions.

Fuse bow to quilt top by pressing for 30 to 40 seconds.

When I was drawing the bow, I also drew where the ribbon edges would appear to be. The reason for drawing those lines was so I’d be able to sew a satin stich over them to give the bow more depth. I’ll also use a satin stich all around the bow in order to secure the bow’s raw edges in place.

For this step I want a quality thread. I’ll use threads from the Gütermann 7-pc MCT Sew-all 100m Thread Set – Christmas. You can’t go wrong with a set of threads that has all the colors representing Christmas!

Gütermann’s holiday classic thread collection.

With the bow securely in place, today’s post is completed. Using Odif 606 Spray and Fix No-sew Fusible Adhesive Web and ODIF 808 Spray and Fix Temporary Adhesive for Paper Patterns as part of the applique process makes it quick and easy.

Tomorrow I’ll show you another way to use Odif 808 spray and talk about Odif 404 Spray and Fix Permanent Repositionable Adhesive for Craft Material. Come back to see more great uses for these Odif products.

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