Exploring the Multi-Touch Screen on the PFAFF performance icon

This week I’m sewing for the upcoming holiday season! There are so many features on the performance icon to make your quilting time enjoyable that I decided to spend this first post showing you the Multi-Touch Screen. The Multi-Touch Screen is the hub for exploring and creating with the PFAFF performance icon.

Multi-Touch Screen of the PFAFF performance icon

Sewing Settings menu

The options on the Sewing Settings menu are extensive and include default and temporary settings. On this section of the screen, you can see several of the options that are available on the performance icon including the Automatic Thread Cutter. This screen also shows that none of the Free-Motion Options are selected; to deselect one you can open this setting and then touch on the box of the setting you want to stop.

Top of screen for Sewing Settings

The bottom section of the Sewing Settings screen shows the options for twin needles and Stitch Width Safety. You can see, in the bottom right of the screen, the OK button which you press to save any changes.

Bottom of the Sewing Settings screen on the PFAFF performance icon

Machine Settings menu

The Machine Settings menu is where you can personalize and set up the machine with your preferences. From adjusting the volume of the sounds from the machine to giving it a nickname, this menu also has the option for locking the screen which is handy when free-motion quilting. I use the option to change the units from millimeters to inches when choosing between decorative stitches for a specific area on a quilt project.

Top of the Machine Settings menu on the PFAFF performance icon

The bottom of the screen includes an option for adjusting the brightness of the LED lights and background image options. I changed my background color from a fall to a more festive burgundy for this series of posts.

Bottom of the Machine Settings menu screen on the PFAFF performance icon

Stitch Menu viewing options

The large size of the Multi-Touch Screen really comes in handy when selecting stitches from the numerous stitch menus (take a peek here at the stitch guide). It’s easy to change the placement and size of the stitch menu so that you can view the actual size of the stitch on the Multi-Touch Screen.

Stitch menu full screen

There’s a little icon in the bottom left corner of the menu screen that you can touch and drag to increase or decrease the size of the menu box. To move the menu box, you touch and drag the edge of it. The menu can display several stitches to select from, while at the same time showing the selected stitch full size.

Load Stitch menu adjusted to the right of the Multi-Touch Screen

The Load Stitch menu can be moved by touching on the top blue bar and dragging it to another position. I really like the flexibility this gives when trying to decide between different stitches – moving the menu can make it easier for left-handed quilters to make selections.

Load Stitch menu dragged to the bottom left of the Multi-Touch Screen

Touching the four-arrow icon in the bottom right of the Multi-Touch Screen closes all of the different onscreen tools to give a full view of the selected stitch. Sometimes this is the best way to really see and decide if the stitch selected is the right one for the project.

Multi-Touch Screen with all onscreen tools closed

The PFAFF performance icon has so many features that are literally just a touch away – the Multi-Touch Screen really is the heart of the PFAFF performance icon.

PFAFF performance icon

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