Make your holiday jolly with this machine applique stocking banner

This week I decided to put the Multi-Touch Screen to work in helping me create a holiday stocking quilted banner. In yesterday’s post we took a closer look at the Multi-Touch Screen on the PFAFF performance icon. Throughout this week’s posts you’ll see the screen in action and how it acts like an assistant to use the features of the PFAFF performance icon.

Fabric squares for the stocking banner

Project materials

  • 6 – 7” squares of red prints
  • 9 – 7” squares of cream prints – 2 of mine are solid
  • 3 – 7” squares of blue prints
  • 1 strip of 2¼“ x 63” tan tone on tone for binding string
  • 6 – 7” squares of batting
  • cream thread
  • red thread
  • fusible for applique
  • INSPIRA Fast & Easy Tear-A-Way Light stabilizer


Free stocking template to download

Fuse 4 stockings

I designed the banner to be reversible with red and cream stockings alternating on cream and red backgrounds. On the reverse, the cream backgrounds are backed with more cream, and the red with blue.

To start, I used the stocking template to trace out 6 stockings on my fusible webbing. Then I fused one stocking to 3 of the red prints, 1 cream print and 2 solid cream squares. Set aside the two solid cream squares to complete in tomorrow’s post. For placement, I first fused one stocking taking into consideration room for a seam allowance all the way around and still centering the stocking on the square. I then used it as a template and laid the next stocking’s background on top and lifted and checked to position the stocking. Not very mathematical, I admit! I also used my knuckles on my fingers as a visual for consistent spacing; you can measure your first stocking placement, then repeat those measurements.

The red paisley stockings were set on different background fabrics; I tried to vary the scale between the background and stocking prints thinking about the quilting I would do on each.

Four print stockings on background fabrics

To decide which stitch to use, I pressed the menu icon in the top right of the Multi-Touch Screen to open the Selection Menu. From this menu, when you select a stitch, a written description of it pops up on the bottom of the screen.

Description of a stitch on the Multi-Touch Screen

Once you decide on a stitch, simply touch the word LOAD at the bottom of the screen and it will load into the stitch screen. I didn’t layer the background fabric with batting or backing for this step; instead, I put a piece of the Fast & Easy Tear-a-Way Light stabilizer under the fabric as recommended by the machine. The Recommendations window on the Multi-Touch Screen gives you an at-a-glance look at the machine settings as well as how to set the machine up for success for the selected stitch.

Recommendations on screen

The Multi-Touch Screen provides access to built-in guides including one about stabilizers.

Stabilizer Guide on the Multi-Touch Screen

I used red thread to stitch over the edge of the fused stocking. The red guide marks on the presser foot help with accuracy when stitching on the curve.

Stitching around the applique stocking

For the second red paisley print stocking, I simply used the basic straight stitch. I attached the Clear Open Toe Embroidery Foot for IDT System so I could have a good view of the stocking edge as I stitched. This foot engages with the IDT System that is included on the PFAFF performance icon. I love using this system knowing that it is working to feed the fabrics evenly under the needle.

Clear Open Toe Embroidery Foot for IDT System

I also used the red thread to stitch around the printed cream stocking. I wanted to try out the classic buttonhole stitch on at least one of these stockings. The IDT system and the great guide marks on the PFAFF presser feet made it easy for me to accurately turn the stitch out on the stocking.

Machine buttonhole stitch on the cream print stocking

With all three stockings fused and stitches added with red thread complete, I switched to an ivory thread for the final red stocking. This time I picked from the hand embroidery stitch menu to add a timeless look to the stitching.

Ivory thread and machine hand stitch on red print stocking

With four stockings fused and stitched, we’re well on our way with the holiday stocking banner project. The Multi-Touch screen on the PFAFF performance icon continues to assist every step of the way.

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