Finishing off the bright crib quilt with the beloved thread snips

All week I’ve been talking about tools that are essential for beginner quilters to make their first experiences pleasant, encouraging them to pursue this heartwarming craft.


Yesterday I added the seam ripper and crystal head pins as essential to the sewing toolbox. I’d like to finish off my beginner sewing tools recommendation with the INFINITI Thread Snips – Black – 412″ (11.4cm). It’s amazing how often it gets used when threads need snipping. They’re also handy to have for hand-sewing projects, like embroidery.


I’m finishing up my bright happy crib quilt, today. I hope you’ve been following along successfully. Next! With the blocks completed it’s time to assemble the quilt top. To do so the following is required.

From three 3½” strips cut 25 yellow 3½” x 3½” squares.

From the reddish fabric cut eight 3½” strips. From these strips cut 31 – 3½” x 9½” rectangles.

Remember to square off the fabric before cutting strips.

31 – 3½” x 9½” rectangles and 25 yellow 3½” x 3½” squares

I’m using the layout below, but you can decide on a different layout.

An easy-to-make brightly colored crib quilt

Here’s how to put it together. On the left side of every block sew a 3½” x 9½” rectangle. Also, sew a 3½” x 9½” rectangle on the right side of the four blocks that will be on the right side.

Sew four rows of three blocks each.

Each row will have four squares and three rectangles.

Sew five rows of alternating squares and triangles.

Sew the yellow squares and reddish rectangles between each row of blocks in addition to one on top and one on the bottom.

Rows of blocks and horizontal lattice sewn together.

Once the quilt top is completed all that’s required to do is to quilt it, bind it, and find a new home for it. If you’ve never done the binding before, you might want to check this post written by me, and this other post too by Elaine Theriault,

Completed quilt

Before I close this series of essential sewing tools I’ll introduce a pair of RAZOR EDGE Scissors – 8″ (20.3cm). Every sewist needs a good pair of fabric scissors. These have a good weight and length making them a joy to use. They may not get used often but they’ll come in handy when needed.

TIP Don’t use fabric scissors for cutting paper! Fabric scissors are for fabric only.

8” Razors Edge Scissors

Last but not least, let’s not forget the handy VIVACE Craft/Accessories Tote – Leafvines – 33 x 25 x 13cm (13in x 10in x 5in) to store all these tools and notions. This accessory tote has 24 compartments of different sizes and is the ideal size for holding all the basic tools and notions. In addition to being excellent for storing tools and notions, this tote is also very handy to bring to a workshop, sew day and retreat.

VIVACE craft and accessories tote

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s tutorial on how to make this beginner crib quilt and exploring essential sewing tools. I enjoyed going back to the basics.

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