The underappreciated seam ripper, UNIQUE sewing makes ripping easier

Yesterday, I talked about how to choose the right needle for beginners and the SCHMETZ #1739 Piecing & Quilting Needles Pack Carded – Assorted – 5 count as a good choice for a new quilter or sewist. With a pack having two needle sizes, you get to choose the one you prefer. Believe me when I say that over time your sewing needle collection will grow… I have SCHMETZ #1730 Microtex Needles Carded – 80/12 – 5 count for sewing with 100wt threads and I have SCHMETZ #1712 Denim Needles Carded – 100/16 – 5 count for sewing with a heavy denim weight thread. I also have so many others for other purposes. Get the right needle for the right job!

TIP Every needle should be replaced after approximately eight hours of sewing or anytime a needle is nicked.

Welcome to the underappreciated seam ripper. It’s a tool no one likes to use but one which everyone uses, I’ve already used it a few times… Every sewist or quilter needs at least one in their tool notion drawer. I own several. My favorite is the  UNIQUE SEWING Seam Ripper Large – Extra Large Comfort Grip – Blue and Cream. I like it because of its size. It fits nicely in the palm of my hand making an unpleasant task comfortable and easy to work with.

UNIQUE sewing seam ripper extra large

Now to the last block in making the adorable crib quilt. This quilt block uses a combination of half-square-triangles (HST) and quarter-square-triangles (GST).

Today’s stellar block for the crib quilt!

The last quilt block I’m sharing with you today is a combination of all the quilt block techniques I covered this week using the half-square triangle, the quarter-square triangle, and the nine-patch.

Yesterday I demonstrated how to make quarter square triangles (QSTs), eight more are needed today.

Today’s method for making HSTs is best used when working with a large square or rectangular piece of fabric. I’ve tried multiple sizes but no bigger than a fat quarter.

The finish size of the HSTs needs to be 3” x 3”, therefore the two fabrics needed to make HST must be 3⅞” x 3⅞” square each. As I find these measurements leave no room for error, I’ll use a 4” x 4” square formula and trim once the HSTs are done.

Remember with each two fabric squares sewn together will make two HSTs. For eight HSTs I need four sets of fabrics measuring 4” x 4” or two square pieces of fabric measuring at least 8” x 8”.

When I was selecting the fabrics for this quilt, I noticed I had an orange scrap piece of 8½” x 8½” which will be great for today’s method!

On the back side of the fabric, I marked an 8” x 8” square and then subdivided it into a 4” x 4” square. I then drew four diagonal lines as in the photo below.

Mark four 3⅞” x 3⅞” squares with a diagonal line in each.

Sew a seam ¼” away from both sides of the diagonal lines.

Note: For the seams to show on the photo, I used black thread.

Sew on each side of diagonal lines.

Cut along each marked line in between the seams.

Cut along each line in between the seams

Trim each HST to 3½” x 3½”.

Two yellow 3½” x 3½” squares will complete today’s blocks.

Sew four HSTs to four QSTs. Also, sew two QSTs to the two yellow 3½” x 3½” squares.

Making pairs.

Sew the remaining eight QSTs to the pairs sewn in the previous step.

Sew a QST to each pair.

Sew rows to make blocks as follows.

Today’s completed blocks.

On occasion this week I mentioned pinning. I find I prefer a long thin pin such as the HEIRLOOM Crystal Head Pins – Blue & Yellow – 47mm (178″). I also like the fact they’re made with crystal heads; I don’t have to worry they’ll melt it I accidently put a hot iron on them.

Heirloom crystal head pins won’t melt if they are under a hot pressing iron, accidentally.

Join me tomorrow, I’ll be adding the lattice and corner blocks to complete this week’s crib quilt.

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