Finishing the Quilted Bucket Bag

This easy-breezy bucket bag is almost complete. Time to finish up and answer the call of the open road.

Finishing the Quilted Bucket Bag

This week on QUILTsocial, we’ve been making an easy breezy bucket bag to tote around all the necessities for a fun summer road trip. You must agree, by now, it’s looking really road worthy, but it needs hanging tabs and a strap to make it truly portable. A few tips on finishing the quilted bucket bag.

  • Cut a piece of fabric 4″ x 36″. This fabric can be contrast fabric or the same as the main body.
  • Cut a piece of batting, 2″ x 36″.
  • Spray baste the batting strip to the center of the strap strip.
  • Fold the raw edges over the batting.
  • Fold the strap strip in half. Pin and press. (see photo)
  • Topstitch both sides of the strap.

Fold over the raw edges of the strap into the batting…

…then fold it in half. Pin, press, and top stitch both sides.

  • Cut off 8″ of the strap to make the hanging tabs.
  • Press a scant hem on one end. Thread the tab through the flat end of the D-ring. Use your machine’s zipper foot to sew close to the D-ring. Repeat for the second hanging tab.
  • Use a chalk pencil to mark a line 2″ from the top of the bag.
  • Repeat for the other side of the bag. Turn a scant hem on the raw edge of the hanging tab. Press.
  • Pin the hanging table so that the end of the tab sits on the marked line.
  • Repeat for the second hanging tab.

Pin the hanging tab onto the chalk marked line that is 2 inches from the top of the bag.

Coffee mug? Check. Fun sunglasses? Check. Road maps? Check? Keys? Check. Cool bucket bag you made yourself? Check and check! See ya later!

  • On the strap, turn under a scant hem. Press.
  • Thread strap through the curved edge of the D-ring. Use the zipper foot to sew the strap to the D-ring.
  • Repeat for the other side.

Ta da! Your easy-breezy quilted bucket bag is ready for life on the road. Pack up your essentials and head for the car.

Okay, the price of gas means you’re going to go for a picnic in a nearby park. But, look how cute that bag is, it’ll take you virtually anywhere — near or far!

Now that we’re done with finishing the quilted bucket bag, my time on QUILTsocial is over for now. But, I hope you have great (and safe) summer adventures — filled with lots of fun. And, please remember to make a mess while you are creating some fun!

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Linda Cartwright June 15, 2015 - 10:17 am
I love this bag, I will add this to my list of projects to make.
Janie June 15, 2015 - 8:50 am
The bag looks great and sturdy. Love the colors.
Edie June 14, 2015 - 6:07 am
This bag looks great. It would be a great addition to anyone's beach attire and look like it would hold all sorts of towels, change of clothes, etc.
JOYCE June 13, 2015 - 11:36 pm
this is a great tutorial can't wait to make this - 1 for me - or yea and 1 for each of my daughters and granddaughters lol and I'm going to change this up a bit and make one for my grandson - ooooh yea all the things he could put in the bucket bag great site!!!!
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